Create a Surreal Game of Thrones Photo Manipulation

Create a Surreal Game of Thrones Photo Manipulation
Create a Surreal Game of Thrones Photo Manipulation

Step 15 – Soft Light

Use the layer in soft light mode to get this result


Step 16 - Colors

Make a new layer and choose soft ligth mode and paint in the top of the image with a yellow and orage tones, with a soft round brush also add black and blue around the model. Mixing colors is important to get a great result. This is a sutil change cause the opacity can be set to 20%

Here is the layer in normal mode so you can see the painting. Also you can use Gaussian blur (Menu – Filter - blur – Gaussian blur) to get more softer look.


Step 17 - Colors

To get a dramatic change use a image with sunrise color and place it over the image


Step 18 – Gaussian blur

Now go to filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur. Use 100 of radius. Press ok to save tha changes.

Change the layer to soft light


Step 19 - Model

Go back to work with the model now that the background is almot done.

Tip: The result will be better if you have a tablet. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it without it.

You need to fix some details is the model’s coat so pick a small soft round brush with a similar color ( you can use the eyedropper tool) paint in the edges of the coat. Set the opacity to the pressure of your tablet.


Step 20 - Skin

With the Eyedropper pick the color of the model skin and paint over a new layer with a soft round brush.


Step 21 – Make up

You can add some blush to the model and a little more color on the lips, to do this work with the layer in multiply mode and pick a pink tone.


Step 22 – Eye shadows

To make the eye shadows you have to follow the model’s original make up a little bit stronger in the bone of the eye and brighter around that area. This step is hard to explain cause you can be creative with the colors you use. Here is a 4 steps. Paint all with a soft round brush with natural colors.


Step 23 - Eyeliner

Now choose a really small brush like 3px to make the liner you can make a black liner and paint a lil small white liner as well, also you can paint over the model’s eyebrows to make them stronger. Look here:


Step 24 – Eye lashes

Also with a small round brush paint the eyelashes 100% of opacity.


Step 25 - Hair reflections

Choose a 1px soft round brush, color red and orange and start making strokes in the model’s hair

After you made all the hair you will have this result:


Step 26 – More hair

Duplicate the stroke’s layer Ctrl+J, and made the strokes white.

Set the opacity to 80% and the fill to 50%


Step 27 - Details

Add more strokes to make the hair look better.


Step 28 -Nails

Pick a hard round pressure brush and pain over the model’s nails.


Step 29 - Reflects

With a soft round brush with a 75% gray color paint over the model’s nails, this one is has to be a small brush 3px .


Step 30 - Ball

Create a layer mask and hide the undesired parts just leave the ball.


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