Create a Surreal Game of Thrones Photo Manipulation

Create a Surreal Game of Thrones Photo Manipulation
Create a Surreal Game of Thrones Photo Manipulation

Step 31 - Screen

Reduce the saturation (Ctrl +U) in the option saturation -100. Change the layer mode to screen

Change the layer mode to screen image066[6]


Step 32 – Rezise the ball

Press Ctrl+T to make the size of the ball fits the model’s hands.


Step 33 - Layer mask

Hide the parts that are over the model’s fingers.


Step 34 - Paint

Paint with a white soft round brush over the ball the opacity has to be low 25%


Step 35 - Shadow

To make some shadow in her hands you create a new layer and paint with a black brush also with 25%. The layer mode has to be overlay.


Step 36 - Snow

To add snow to the ball, use a snow brush.


Now you have to make it into the ball


Step 37- Snow in the background

You can use the same brush as before, but you have to change size and opacity. The first layer is going to be apply just in the background.

Modify the brush settings use more spacing and more scattering


Step 38 – Motion Blur

To make the snow look realistic add a motion blur to the flakes (Menu – Filter – Blur – Motion blur) Angle: 30 and Distance: 28


Step 39 – layer settings

Change the opacity to 50% and the Fill to 70%.


Step 40 - Emphasis

To give more emphasis to the model paint around her with a white soft round brush, to give the effect that light is coming from behind her.


Step 41 – More Snow

You still need to add snow in front of the model, so repeat the process before, but this time create two layers one with flakes almost the same size as before, and another one with bigger ones.


Step 42 - Snow

Paint over the model’s hair and coat to give a look like it’s having snow on it, also do this to the mountains in the background, pick a chalky brush, a white one and paint, reduce the opacity if you need to get a natural look (It’s optional, just if you think is to strong) . Change the settings of the brush mark brush dynamics and Scattering.


Step 43 - Light

In a new layer paint over the model with a orange soft round brush, the opacity is 30%


Step 44 - Light

Another layer of light, but in this one you have to use a white brush and the layer in normal mode with 65% of opacity.


Step 45 – White Details

Pick a white soft round brush with 2px (Pen Pressure set to the tablet) and paint in the siluette of the model like this:


Step 46 - Shadows

To make the shadows pick a black soft round brush, you can use a big one, and to make details use a smaller one. I set the pressure to the tablet, so if you want it darker just have to make more pressure and if you want it sutil apply just a lil bit of pressure.

If you don’t have a tablet you can use a 20% of opacity and then go and change it to 50% if you want darker spots.


Step 47 – More Shadows

Make more shadows in the model dress and arms, with the same technique.


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