Create an Apple Safari Icon in Photoshop

Create an Apple Safari Icon in Photoshop

Step 17

This next step requires a lot of concentration and patience. Grab your Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and make a small rectangle inside the blue part of our icon and fill it with white. Then duplicate the layer and rotate it slightly. Do this until you have a full circle. Then set the layer mode to Overlay.

Step 18

Inside the middle of the document, we'll use our Circle Thin Frame again to create two circles. Merge the two shape layers together and rename the layer to "Middle Circles". Set the Fill to 10%.

Step 19

Use your Ellipse Tool to make a circle the same size as the "Base" circle. Name the layer "Inner Base" and apply the following:



Step 20

Use your Ellipse Tool to make another circle the same size as the "Base" circle, name it "Inner Base " and apply the following:


Step 21

In this tutorial, I created a compass rose on Photoshop. You can either create your own or find one. I put both the Opacity AND Fill at 65% and the Mode at Linear Dodge (Add). Then I added the following settings in the Layer Styles window.

Step 22

Your result should look like this:

Step 23

If you want to add any more gloss effect, you can. In this case, I added a nice gloss which I created by combining several shapes to create a shape similar to the moon's. I then set its Fill to 65% and added a drop shadow.

Step 24

We're almost to the end of the tutorial! Now it's time to quickly work on the needle. What I did was create the shape of a compass needle. Then I applied the following effects in the Layer Style window.


Step 25

Next I made individual shapes for each side and section of the needle.

Step 26

Make a small circle on the middle of the needle and apply the following:

Step 27

Make another circle inside of the previous one and apply the settings below.

Step 28

Here's what it should look like.

Final Results

Apple Safari Icon

Authors Comment

profileCongratulations for making it through this tutorial and I hope you learned a lot about Photoshop and the marvelous things you can create with it! Thanks again for reading! - A. Taylor

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