How to Draw a Photorealistic Coffee Cup

How to Draw a Photorealistic Coffee Cup

In this tutorial we'll draw a very realistic cup of coffee. Underneath the cup we'll add some stain using custom brush. This tutorial may look advance but the techniques are simple.

Preview of Final Results

Coffee Cup

Step 1 - Drawing Coffee

Start by creating circle shape using ellipse tool. Set foreground color to #F2F2F2. Make sure you have selected shape icon from the option bar, then shift+drag to create a circle. From the Layers panel, double click circle shape layer and add layer style Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, and Bevel and Emboss.

Step 2

Create smaller circle inside the previous circle. Double click its thumbnail layer and in Layer Style dialog box make sure you activate Layer Mask Effects. Also, add layer style Inner Shadow and Outer Glow to the circle.

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  1. Tutorial still valid! Tried my hand at this some time in 2011. Still using it as a great example to teach people basic photoshop. Greetings from 2021. GJ OP!

  2. I had hard time following tutorial.. although am still beginner..I think steps in making this aren't detailed enough..but will try again and see x_x

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