Step 13

Create another new layer and with the same chalk brush paint a thin white line on the upper margins of the hole (the specular highlights).

Step 14

Lower the opacity of the chalk brush to 40% and paint with white in the area indicated below to give our hole a basic shading.

Step 15

Open the “Dirt” texture, select all and copy/paste in our scene (and don’t  forget to convert it to a smart object). Use the Free Transform Tool (T) to place the dirt as shown below.

Step 16

Add a layer mask to the texture layer (Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All) and use a white chalk brush to paint over the whole in the layer mask to reveal the texture .

Step 17

Change the  blending mode of the dirt texture to Multiply to add some texture and realism to our hole in the ground.

Step 18

Open the file “Island”, select all and copy/paste in our scene. Add a layer mask to the island and paint with black in the layer mask to hide the lower part as shown below. Use the Free Transform Tool to make the island seem like it’s coming from the hole.

Step 19

Create a new layer and clip it to the island layer. Change the blending mode to Luminosity and paint with a black brush at 40% opacity over the area shown below.

Step 20

Create another layer and also clip it to the island layer. Change the blending mode to Overlay. Let’s paint some basic shading on the rim of the island. Paint with white on the left side and black and the right side with a brush at 20% Opacity.

Step 21

Open the “Grass” file again and copy paste in our document. Position this layer so that the grass will be positioned on the surface of the island. Add a layer mask and use black to hide everything except the grass that will cover the island.

Step 22

Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer and use the settings shown below to increase the green hue. Clip this layer to the grass layer that is covering the island surface.

Step 23

Create a new layer and use the chalk brush to paint some hard shadows just beneath the grass as shown below.

Step 24

Let’s make a hole in our floating island. Create a new layer and paint a black semicircle as shown below.

Step 25

On a new layer paint some thin white lines on the hole margins. Group the two layers (shift-click on both and click Ctrl +G) and name the layer “Hole”.

Step 26

Duplicate the hole group (Ctrl +J) and move the new hole on the ground.

Step 27

Open the file “Meerkat” and use the Pen Tool to make a path around the meerkat. Press Ctrl + Enter to transform the path into a selection. Copy and paste the meerkat in our scene and place him as shown below.

Step 28

Add a layer mask to the meerkat layer and hide most of his body (by painting with black in the layer mask over the areas you want hidden) as shown below to give the illusion that he is inside the hole.

Step 29

Make a new layer and paint some subtle shadow (with the round soft brush tool) on the grass where the meerkat is.

Step 30

Open the file “Stairs”. Make a selection of the stairs with the Pen Tool and copy/paste the stairs in our scene. Place the stair as shown below.
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Wonderful tutorial, thank you so much for sharing it


Its a very useful tutorial for all. Thank you

Welvin, Da Great

bro, this looks like ass!

Ana Sousa

The concept is nice, but the shadows are totally wrong. The illuminated side of the tree is on the opposite side of the light source, i.e. the sun, which is located on the left side. The shadows are placed as if the light is coming from the back, instead of the left side. Look at the tree, meerkat and baby shadow. The farmer’s shadow is correct and all the elements shadows should follow the same direction. Also, they should have placed some roots in the bottom of the tree to give the artwork more realism and the hole in the ground should have grass in its edge.

Ana Sousa

It would look more realistic if it was used a grass brush around the edge of the hole and the island. The edge is too sharp.


The hole in the ground and the island could look more realistic if it was used a grass brush around the edge to make not to look so sharp.

Collins Mark

That is Great, Thank you very much. But please I will like to download it if is possible.






This is a very good tutorial. I worked with it to make a birthday card for my mother in law – she will get a helper in her garden from us. But I am a little sad because the page with the download zip can not be find. But thank you for sharing this tutorial anyway

Photoshop Tutorials Staff

Sorry about that – link has been fixed.

Alexandru Gladciuc


Darshan Gajara

Great tutorial, Johan.

RevDude Dan Holoman

Larry, this is a great page to pick up some PS pointers!

Larry Lear

Thanks for thinking of me, your a swell guy… many thanks!!!


hi thank u ,i like to know all about it please send to me ,how i can learn it ?nice to me

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