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Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster with Photoshop

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I’ve always wondered how these posters were made, now I know! I really like the subtle touch of the bird’s feathers. Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to using some of these techniques in my own work.

  2. irina says:


  3. Ivan Petrov says:

    Thank you for the time and efforts!

  4. Maidul Islam says:

    Awesome resources.Huge collection.Great job.Very useful post.

  5. KatoChye says:

    Nice turotial and I learned what is the Smart Object use in photoshop. Thank you.

  6. XukiNo Kay says:

    thanks . Awesome tutorial. I learned another something useful from your tutorial :)

  7. Sadi says:

    Thank You1

  8. J says:

    Awesome tutorial. Managed to get it right and learned a few things along the way. Thank you!

    1. jayan says:

      glad you like it ^_^

  9. Faqeeh says:

    Halo Mas Jayan Saputra, salam kenal..

    1. jayan says:

      halo salam kenal juga :)

  10. Balaguru says:

    Step 10 is confusing. Please elaborate

    1. jayan says:

      draw an ellipse shape, set the fill color to red and set the stroke width/size to 5px, pick white as stroke color (i made this with photoshop cs6)

      after that, just add layer style Stroke

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