Web Photo Gallery

Web Photo Gallery

Step 10

Banner: In the Banner option menu, the information that you enter in the Site Name box will appear as the title of your gallery. You can also add more personalized information as you name in Photographer box, Contact Info, Date etc.

Step 11

Then, Large Images: This gives you the option to customize the appearance of your main image, when the user clicks on the thumbnail in your gallery. You can resize the images, constrain its proportions, determine the quality of image, give a border to images etc. Also, by checking the corresponding boxes, you can choose which parts of information are to be displayed from the metadata you added earlier in the File Info window as in Step 2 above.

Step 12

Next, option is for Thumbnails: Which is quite similar to Large Images as mentioned above.

Step 13

Now, the Custom Colors: Here you can customize the colors used for background, banner, text & links by clicking the color swatch to bring up the color picker, choose the colors that matches your gallery.

Step 14

Finally, Security: Here you can choose a custom text to be displayed on the main images on your gallery to guard against theft. You can also alter the size, color & position of the text. Choose None from the menu drop down list, if you don’t want this watermark feature.

Step 15

Once you’re happy with all the settings, press OK button, give a few seconds to Photoshop to create the gallery & then it appears on your web browser. Also, if after exiting the web browser, you want to open it again, you can do so by finding it in the location, you chose in the “Destination” area in Step 8, it will have a .index extension.

Step 16

Additionally, you can also include music with some gallery styles like Flash Gallery 1 & 2. To include the music, name the file “useraudio.mp3” and copy it to the folder for the gallery style you have chosen. Locate your program folder for PhotoshopCS3 (or the version that you use) and then enter the Presets folder. Within this, double-click on the Web Photo Gallery folder to open it. Now open the folder of whichever gallery style you chose and then copy your music file into it. And, there you go, your Web Photo Gallery is ready!
Now all you need to do is to upload the gallery for all to see, of course you will need the space with your Internet Service Provider (if you don’t already have it).

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