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Create this Amazing Fashion Photo Manipulation with Abstract Smoke and Light Effects

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to integrate a model in dark environment and apply abstract lights effects over the scene. Basically we’re going to create some nice sparkly effects and connect them with a certain model, mixing up everything with a nice suitable background.

Preview of Final Results


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Step 1

Open image of the model. Double-click with left mouse button on it to unlock the Background layer. Duplicate it using Ctrl+J, then hit Ctrl+L (Levels) over the duplicated layer. Set it as shown in the second image below. You can go even little bit further with the darkening.


Step 2

Now select Brush Tool (B), hit D on keyboard to bring colors to default and set your foreground brush color to black. Make sure all your brush options are set to 100% and then paint in the same layer, over the light spots to fill them up with black.


Step 3

Now go to Select > Color Range and use the same settings as shown below. Press OK and then go to Layers Palette and turn off the visibility of the duplicated layer. Your screen should now look exactly like the second image below.


Step 4

Select “model” layer and click on the Layer Mask button. Now you can just delete the “model copy” layer, as we won’t be using it anymore. We needed it only for extraction.

So this was an alternative way for some cutting out, usually people use Channels to do this. But isn’t this fun to learn something different?


Step 5

Let’s don’t get so excited, as this is only the first stage of the extraction, now we’re going to need to blend this model with a desired background. So create a new layer below the “model”, grab Paint Bucket (G) and fill it with black color. As you see there are still some white edges. The cut out never works perfectly, so you either have to blend it properly or just do some more accurate extraction.


Step 6

Now let’s go to Layers Palette, right-click on the “model” layer mask and select Apply Layer Mask. Next hold Ctrl and left-click on the “model” layer thumbnail, this should bring up the selection.


Step 7

Select the “model” layer and hit Ctrl+Alt+R (Refine Edge). Use the same or similar settings as mine. You should see on the live preview on image how it’s working. When your done apply it by hitting OK.

Output will create another layer with the settings below applied, so you can just basically delete or just turn off the previous layer. It’s up to you.


Step 8

We still have some white edges left, especially over hair and clothes that she holds. Basically, at that point I decided to cut some hair totally and don’t play around with further extraction. We want to create some cool light effects over the model, not to do a full and elegant retouch after all. I’ve indicated spots that you might find useful to get rid of. But before you start some erasing, move onto the next step.


Step 9

Grab Brush Tool (B), set it all the way to 100%, but decrease the Spacing to 1% and check the Smoothing option. Again use black color for painting and go to Layer Mask of the “model” layer. Now paint over the Layer Mask, in indicated spots, referring to step 8.

You should handle this easily by mouse, 1% spacing let’s you to give a very accurate erasing. When something goes wrong you can always undo the masking by painting with white on mask.

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