Create this Amazing Fashion Photo Manipulation with Abstract Smoke and Light Effects

Create this Amazing Fashion Photo Manipulation with Abstract Smoke and Light Effects

Create this Amazing Fashion Photo Manipulation with Abstract Smoke and Light Effects

Step 35

Now that we have the fire effect under one layer, let's apply a set of effects over it to make the fire look more like an abstract light. So go to Layers Palette and add Hue/Saturation and Brightness/Contrast adjustment layers, then select both and hit Ctrl+Alt+G for Clipping Mask.


Step 36

Move further and apply now Color Balance adjustment layer (use Clipping Mask).


Step 37

Finally, use the same way for the last adjustment layer – Levels. Remember that you can always adjust your adjustment layers, for instance – lower the opacities, or paint on their masks if you feel that the effects are too strong. When you're done adding adjustment layers, the image should look similar to the second one below.


Step 38

Next, go to the Layers Palette again, hold Ctrl and left-click on the model layer's thumbnail. This should bring up her selection ad you see in the 1st image below. Then create new group right below the fire layer and while having the selection active click on the Add Layer Mask button.


Step 39

Now when you add anything to this group, it will only affect the silhouette our woman. So first of all, create a new layer in this group and change its Blending Mode to Linear Burn, change the Opacity to max. 30% and paint with soft brush (use #8be7ff color). This will add a very slight blue colorization.


Step 40

Now add another adjustment layer to this group – Color Balance. Use settings from below. Then grab Paint Bucket Tool(G), pick black color and fill its Layer Mask.


Step 41

Now, grab Brush Tool (B), make it very soft, change the color to white and start revealing the layer mask. Use the arrow indicators from step 39 as a reference for painting. Basically, we're causing a blue fire reflection over her skin.


Step 42

Next, again add another adjustment layer in this group – Curves. Adjust it as shown, separately for every channel (Red, Green and Blue – all 3 are in the same position). Then refer to step 40, fill the Layer Mask with black again and now using white brush (while painting on mask) add some shadows as indicated.


Step 43

Continue adjusting the character. Everything goes about the light, we need to create an impression that the blue fire is really there, that's why she needs some more blue tones over front of her body. So now add in this group another adjustment layer – Gradient Map, set it as shown below.

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  1. Can't download the "PSD Light | 22.16 MB (Download from Website)" as it just says "404 Page not found"


  2. Bonjour W.P.
    C'est vraiment très joli et je vous félicite !
    J'essaye de traduire et je le fais, encore merci et si je me trompe, je peux regarder votre .psd, c'est gentil à vous !

  3. Step 7

    Select the “model” layer and hit Ctrl+Alt+R (Refine Edge).

    Output will create another layer with the settings below applied, so you can just basically delete or just turn off the previous layer. It’s up to you.

    Step 9

    Grab Brush Tool (B), set it all the way to 100%, but decrease the Spacing to 1% and check the Smoothing option. Again use black color for painting and go to Layer Mask of the “model” layer. Model layer???????????????????????????

    In Step 7 you say delete previous layer (layer "model") because we have another layer ("model copy").

    Step 10

    You should achieve similar results to mine if you painted accurately. Now pay attention to the red line surrounding the model. It’s indicating how we’re going to shade her to make her body and clothes blend with the background better. So go to Layers Palette, create new layer above “model” and hit Ctrl+Alt+G, this will create a Clipping Mask (and it should look like you see in the preview below). Above "model" layer? Again???????????

    Dude, WTF?????????

  4. This really is a awesome tutorial, im gonna follow it step by step this afternoon. Looking forward to see similair results

  5. Wojciech Pijecki (your name, yes?)

    Thank you so much, a truly great work, and in my opinion just enough info to be able to do it yourself if you wanted to. I especially liked the chiffon-"trick" and the attention to detail in the little "planets" at the end.

    Now for agnes b and photogabe above:

    I really can't believe how inpolite you are being. From what I can see he only skips the most basic stuff. If you look at the first image (end result) you should be able to see that this tutorial will require some beforehand knowledge. To be fair, you are both somewhat constructive in your critisism, but there is really no excuse for that tone of voice.

    1. yes... it did... there is a next page button which i think you didn't see lol

  6. uaua auauauauauusdhat ushdhauusgdhahdgiasdga gidai dgaid is like that the instruction.. your mind and our mind are different, you should be more thourough and use more commond words than intelectual ones, basic stuff in public communication are crutial.. like kindergarden languages... is better to detailed that too confusing..

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