10 Important Nondestructive Editing Techniques for Photo Manipulators

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  1. Maidul Islam says:

    Have a nice work…………thanks for sharing.

  2. DzulmarEGG says:

    Thanks! Great tips and trick!

  3. Gabriel says:

    I find Point 4 completely rubbish to be honest. No pun intended. But the two effects are quite different – while the first one is a really nice film effect, and the second one looks like a cheap downloaded free preset.

    1. Mel says:

      The shadows are getting clipped in the first one with many layers as a result of using too many adjustment layers. 
      She is simply stating that there’s no point creating a bunch of adjustment layers so that you “get lucky” on a film effect. Rather, understand what each layer does exactly so you don’t end up with so many layers

    2. Jeff Adams says:

      To me, they’re similar enough to necessitate the fewer layers. 
      But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to say that the article could use a better example for the bad effect. Could have just used any one of those random vintage-look Photoshop action because 9/10 of them are a bunch of accidental layers: Duplicate layer, change blend mode, merge down, add color layer, change blend mode, merge down, etc etc.

  4. suruha says:

    If folks would realize the advantages of the Smart Object feature, they’d never go back! Great run-down! Thank you!


    1. Jeff Adams says:

      Second this… I cringe when I see people brag about how many layers their PSD has

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