Create a Scene with Popup Photos in Photoshop

Create a Scene with Popup Photos in Photoshop

Step 13

Make a selection of the microphone black handle then press Ctrl+J for times to make to copies. Drag them towards left to make the microphone handler seem longer. Select all the micprohone layers and group them by pressing Ctrl+G. Name this group "Mic".

Step 14

We now want to improve the skin tones and add a realistic magenta reflection to our table. We will do this by using a Selective Color adjustment layer. Select all layers and press Ctrl+G to group them. Name this group "Scene".

Step 15

Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N to make a new layer. Choose Filter > Vanishing point and create a plane like shown below. Click the settings button and choose Render Grids to Photoshop then press Ok. This layer will serve as reference only so name it "Reference".

Step 16

Open file "Photo Frame 3". Select the photo frame and move it on a new layer. Now select the black area and delete it. (TIP – Using rectangular marquee tool draw a rectangle. Press Ctrl+Q to enter quick mask mode and press Ctrl+T to transform selection. After you're done press Enter then Q to exit quick selection mode. In order for this trick to work double click the quick mask button from the layer's palette and choose "Selected Areas" instead of "Masked Areas".) Use the ruler tool to make it horizontal. Ctrl+Click this layer to select it then press Ctrl+C to copy. Paste it in our "Office Poznan" document and name it "Frame".

Step 17

Now for the tedious part. Place 6 copies of the frame layer like shown below. To make your job easiear choose 3D > New 3D Postcard From Layer and tweak it until it fits the perspective. After you're done choose 3D > Rasterize.

Step 18

Double-Click "Frame 1" layer to enter advanced blending options and use the settings shown below. Alt-drag the Effects to every frame.

Step 19

To avoid cluttering click on each frame and press Ctrl+G to make a group. Watch the picture below and name your groups like I did so you know were to place your 3D characters.

Step 20

The steps required to create a 3D look are the same for every picture. First open the picture , let's say the picture of the horse, and make a selection of the horse. Press Ctrl+J to make a new layer from the selection. Right-Click the "Background" layer and choose Layer from Background then press ok. Ctrl+Click both layer to select them then right click on them and choose Link Layers. Choose the Move Tool (V) and drag them in our "Office Poznan" document. Let's say we want to put our horse layer in group 2 ( this Is hypothetical ). Drag and drop both layers in group 2 then position the frame layer between the 2 layers. Think that we're making a sandwich, our 2 layers ( horse selection layer and horse picture layer ) are the bread while the frame layer is the salami. Now select our 2 layers again ( Ctrl+Click) and free transform them so the horse fits nicely our frame. The final step is to add a layer mask to the horse picture layer and mask everything outside the frame. Resume: Select and make a new layer, transform background into normal layer, link the 2 layers, drag them to our document, make a sandwich with the frame layer between the 2 layers, select the 2 layers again, free transform them, add a layer mask to the bottom layer and mask everything outside the frame.

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