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How to Create an Epic Portal Scene in Photoshop



Step 16

In this step we’ll add more light in front of portal. Make a new layer and use soft brush with color #ffd865 painting on this part and then set the mode to Overlay 70%. There is part I paint with brush 100% opacity ( in front of portal) and with 70% opacity ( around this part):



Step 17

To make some light rays going out from the cleft, I use a new layer. Use brush with color #ffd865 to spot on the picture as shown below:


Hit Cmd/Ctrl+T to stretch it longer:


Set the mode to Overlay 70% and you can use layer mask to clear any unwanted parts.


Duplicate this ray and move it to the right:


Duplicate and move to the center and increase opacity to 100%:


Step 18

Open man stock. Isolate the man, downsize and place him in front of portal:



Name this layer as “man”.

Create a new layer under man layer. Use same techniques done in step 8 to make shadow on the land for the man. Call it “man shadow 1”:


To create cast shadow to make him really look like standing on the land, create a new layer between man and man shadow 1. Use soft black brush with very small size ( 3-5 px) to paint under man’s feet.


Step 19

To change color and light/darkness of the man to fit background I use some adjustment layers above man layer with Clipping Mask:

Go to Layer-New adjustment layer- Curves:



Selective Color:




On Curves layer, use soft black brush to clear the unwanted effect on man arms:


Step 20

To darken the shirt as it’s too bright against the dark background I use a new layer with Clipping Mask and take brush with color #202229. Paint over the shirt and change the mode to Multipy 80%:


To darken jeans I use brush with color #1b2030 painting on a new layer and set the mode to Multipy 100%:


Step 21

In order to make some glowing light for the man , first I use Inner Shadow effect. Right lick man layer, choose Blending options. I use a bright yellow for light effect (# fde6c6) :



Step 22

To make this light more visible, I use three layers with Clipping Mask for the man. Take soft brush with very small size and color #ffd865 painting over man contour. You should do it gently and subtly and erase any unwanted effects. I change first layer to Color 100%, the rest as Normal 80% and Overlay 80%:


Step 23

I use some adjustment layers which are set on the top ( non-Clipping Mask) to change color of picture.

Selective Color:


Color Balance:



Step 24

To increase the darkness for sky, make a new layer on the top. Use soft brush with color #56707d painting on two edges of sky and put the mode as Multipy 100%:



Step 25

In final step I use a Levels layer to increase contrast for whole picture, especially the light. Go to Layer-New adjustment layer-Levels, decrease the midtones but increase the shadows and highlights:


Use soft brush on Levels layer mask to clear the contrast of sky and on the land:


Final Results


Download the PSD

[vc_column width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]
[vc_cta_button title=”Download PSD” href=”” color=”btn” size=”btn-large” icon=”none” target=”_self” position=”cta_align_right” call_text=” (31 MB)” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

Tutorial by Jenny Le

avatar0[3]Thank you for following this tutorial. I hope you found something useful in it. Let me know by leaving your comment here or contact me via my website. Have fun with your day!
– Jenny

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