Create a Firing Medieval Scene with Disintegration Effect in Photoshop

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  1. Xerhes says:

    “Remove the background using a layer mask.”

    How the hell do i do that?? Newbie here so no idea how to do that.. Please don’t make any steps like that in any tutorial.

    1. jordan says:

      same here man… lol

    2. Simon says:

      Not sure if serious or not. Add vector mask and use brush on mask to hide. Ie not use eraser on background
      Did a quick cutout

  2. taha arshad says:

    nice. and i will try

  3. Cristiano Rola says:

    Excelent! Congratulations!

  4. carl says:

    Hi team I reckon this may be a really good project however I just do not understand a word
    shame really but I guess I am too old to learn but best of luck to those who can

  5. sk says:

    thanks a nice n detailed tutorial.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice tutorial

  7. Allure says:

    This is a real tutorial, thanks for sharing it!

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