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Create an Intense “Blade Runner” Inspired Composition With Shattered Glass and Bullets


Step 44

By the same principle (see previous steps), I put the other variants of fragments. In this step, I used glass fragments ? 1, 2, 5, 7. The pictures show what layers arranged as their location in the group (sequence).
Glass fragments ? 1 (Duplicate 2 times).


Glass fragments ? 2 (Duplicate 1 times).


Glass fragments ? 5


Glass fragments ? 7 (Duplicate 3 times).


Glass fragments ? 5 (Duplicate 2 times).


Step 45

Here is a picture with all layers.


Step 46

Create another group (the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ G). Place the glass fragments ? 6 on floor there. Duplicate glass fragments 7 times (the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ J). Place them throughout the site with bullet holes. Change the size of some of the fragments, making them a bit more.


Step 47

Duplicate group (the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ J) with glass fragments ? 6. Moreover, use Move Tool (V) to move it forward a bit closer to the darkest part. Look as shown in the figure.


Step 48

Now add a large flying glass fragments. Go to File > Place… and select file with glass fragments ? 6. Create another group (the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ G) name it “Big glass”. Place the file there. Make them big, transforming them (the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ T).


Step 49

Duplicate glass fragments (the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ J) and locate duplicate in the upper left corner.


Step 51

Now select these two layers and duplicate them. Flip Horizontal duplication layers, go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Place them in the right part of the picture.


Step 52

Select all 4 layers (hold Shift) and duplicate them (the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ J).


Then combine duplicate 4 layers one layer. To do this go to Layer > Merge layers or the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ E.


Step 53

Now, create the effect of flying glass. To do this, applicable the effect “Pinch”. Go to Filter > Distort > Pinch… and apply Amount: 50%. Click Ok.



Here’s how it looks. Blurred layer must be below all the other layers with big glass.


Step 54

Here is the whole picture at this stage.


Step 55

Now add two adjustment layers to a group with glass fragments. The first layer is a photo filter. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Photo Filter… or click on the adjustment layer icon in the Layers.


Set the settings: Filter: Cooling Filter (82). Density: 39.


Step 56

Next adjustment layers is Brightness/Contrast… Set the settings: Brightness: 82. Contrast: -50.


Step 57

How to combat fiction without weapons element? I thought that the bullets would be a good addition to the picture. I will not describe as I did one of the bullets, what you’ve downloadedJ, because it is very tedious and time consuming. Take advantage of my works, if you want :) Now get to work! Go to File > Place… and select file with bullets.


Step 58

Transform the bullet so that the big bullet half went beyond picture and add a mask to this layer.


Step 59

Use the Brush Tool (B) on the toolbar. Set it to the following settings: Size: 100px. Hardness: 0% Opacity: 100% flow: 100% and remove the excess Bullet unnecessary. Especially pay attention to the model. It should be bullets.


Step 60

Add to layer with bullets adjustment layer Black & White… with settings as shown in Figure.


Step 61

Now add to this layer black vignette. Take Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) on the toolbar and draw a large ellipse. Invert the selection (the short key Cmd/Ctrl+ Shift +I) to what you see in Figure.

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