Step 10

Open the meadow image. Use the Retangular Marquee Tool (M) to select a grass part then place it over the snail shell, use the Free Transform Tool (Cmd/Ctrl+T) to tweak it a little:



Add a mask to this layer and use a black brush to erase the grass following the shape of the shell. To make the edge of the grass, I used a hard brush and the size about 3-4 px to trim (it’s better if you use a tablet pen):


Step 11

I used Color Balance to change the grass color:



Step 12

I used Curves to darken the grassy shell:


On this Curves layer mask I used a soft black brush to erase the upper of the grass to keep it brighter than the lower (it’s illuminated by the light):


Step 13

I created a new layer with the same settings like in the step 9. Use the Dodge and Burn Tool to define the light and shade of the grassy shell:



Step 14

Isolate the child from the background and place her onto the top of the grassy shell:


To change the form of her dress to fit the shell , go to Edit > Puppet Warp:


Step 15

Add a mask to the child layer and use a hard black brush with a smaiil size (2-3 px) to blend the dress bottom with the grass:


Make the child shadow as done with the snail:


Step 16

I used an adjustment layer to reduce the child saturation:


Step 17

I used Color Balance for the child layer and on its layer mask use a soft black brush to reduce the little green effect on the skin:


Step 18

I used Curves to darken the child and on its layer mask use a soft black brush to erase the face and dress parts:


Step 19

I made a new layer with the same settings like the step 9 and 12. Use the Burn Tool to darken the dress bottom more:


Step 20

Cut out the flowers from the images indicated in the resources list and arrange them around the grassy shell, duplicate, use Cmd/Ctrl+T to transform them if needed:


Place these layers under the child one.

Step 21

Take a flower from the flowers 1 image and place it behind the model, make its size much bigger than the other flowers:



To correct the pose of this flower, use the Puppet Warp and drag the petals down to make the two sides of the flower more proportional and the stem more straight:


Step 22

I made a new layer with Clipping Mask) for this big flower and used the Burn Tool to give more details to the petals:



Step 23

Select all the flower layers and press Cmd/Ctrl+G to make a group for them. Change this group mode from Pass Through to Normal 100%. Make a new layer at the bottom of this group and use a soft black brush, the opacity about 40% to paint the shadow for some of the flowers:


Step 24

Create the shadow for all other flowers as done with the child and snail:


Step 25

Make a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer on the top of the flower layers (within this group) to change their color:



Step 26

I used Curves to darken the flowers:


On this layer mask use a soft black brush to clear the effect on the flowers parts which are darker than the rest already: