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Turn Baby Photo into a Fairy Tale “Queen of Fungi” Composite



All three layers are of different sizes, opacity and Blending modes. On the right side is smaller than on the left. Near the fungus – smallest. Try to make the size of bokeh proportional.


Step 42

The next step is to create a blurred background. Select a groups with the background, mushrooms and animals and layer with bokeh. Duplicate them (Cmd/Ctrl+ J). Combine doubles in a single layer (Cmd/Ctrl+ E).


Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur… Set the radius 3.0px.


On blurred layer add a layer mask, used a soft brush to remove the blur from center, animals and fungi edges. Dark part of the frog leave blurred.


Step 43

I created a brush to paint a small cloud of particles near the mushrooms. Original brush was a soft brush. Save a Brush.



Create a new layer uppermost. Take your brush and draw near the small mushroom cloud. Set Opacity 80%.


That they add to the glow layer style Outer Glow with the settings as shown in Figure.


Step 44

All done! I congratulate you! I hope you learned a lot and you were a pleasure to read and learn my tutorial. Here is ready to work with all layers. Check it out!


Final Results


Download the PSD

Tutorial by Maria Semelevich

profileThank you very much for taking the time to study this tutorial! I hope you benefited it! I thank all the authors of resources for the material! I wish all lucked in your future achievements! I look forward to your feedback and creative works! You can contact me by e-mail – or Facebook DeviantART Tumblr. You can visit my Facebook creativity page

I am open to suggestions and cooperation! With best wishes!

– Maria Semelevich

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