Turn Baby Photo into a Fairy Tale "Queen of Fungi" Composite

Turn Baby Photo into a Fairy Tale "Queen of Fungi" Composite

Step 21

We proceed to the last mushroom. Go to File > Place and select the image "HDR_Mushrooms_6_by_Dracoart_Stock".


Increase mushrooms, tilt the image so that the central mushroom cap was raised, but he was in a steady position with respect to other fungi and flip them horizontally (Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal). Place them as shown in the figure. This will be our central mushroom.


Use the Quick Selection Tool (W) on toolbar to select big mushroom and part of moss. Go to Refine Edge... in the top panel settings.


Fungus cleaning principle remains the same and not to describe it to you again just repeat the steps 15 - 16.


Step 22

Duplicate this mushroom 2 times (Cmd/Ctrl + J). Transform it (Cmd /Ctrl+ T or go to Edit > Free Transform) and position them as shown in the figure. Middle mushroom need to Flip Horizontal (Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal). Layer with the small mushroom should be higher than the other two layers, so that it was closer to the viewer.


Here is how you should get. Layer mushroom is below all layers with mushrooms. You can arrange the mushrooms as you want. I just described how they arranged for me.


Merge all layers with mushrooms in a group and name it "Mushrooms" (Select the desired layers + Cmd/Ctrl + G).


Step 23

Add a bit of wildlife. Go to File > Place and select the image of spider "spider_png_by_camelfobia-d5ilc3s".


Reduce its size and place it on mushrooms.


Go to File > Place and select the image of snails "snails_png_by_gd08-d3ioxq6".


Take Lasso Tool (L) on toolbar. Circle first second snail and duplicate it (Cmd/Ctrl + J). Be extremely careful when allocating snails. Not to miss parts!


Then go back to the original snails layer and circle third snail. Then duplicate it (Cmd/Ctrl + J). Layer with the original snails I delete.


Reduce their size (Cmd /Ctrl+ T or go to Edit > Free Transform), and the second snail Flip Horizontal (Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal). Place the snails as shown in Figure.


Step 24

Place the frog (File > Place. Image "frog_stock_163_by_hatestock"). Reduce the size and flip horizontally. Position it so that it look was slightly above the center.


Use the Quick Selection Tool (W). Circle the frog and add a mask to this layer to remove the background.


Step 25

You have to do the shadow of the animals. Create a new layer. Go to Layer > New > Layer (Cmd /Ctrl+ Shift + N). Shadow layer must be above the frog to on it shadow was created and below the layer with the snails, not much to darken their body.


Take a Brush Tool (B). Set there settings: Size: 75px, Hardness: 0%, Opacity: 30%, flow: 50%.


Now the most accurate work with the shadow, because it will depend on the result. You slowly and gently swipe the brush over the snail and mushroom simultaneously. Under the shell can be made once. Darken the side, back and legs frog. Apply shadow on mushrooms. Remember that mushrooms shadow not only of the incident light. On the lower fungi shadow from the upper fungi. The future always be attentive to such places and do not strongly contrasting shadows.

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  1. did phone until I got to the star brush tutorial - that was it, the instructions were not in line with photoshop at all

    1. Спасибо большое! Так приятно знать, что они понравились и ,надеюсь, полезны. Уже прочитали их? :) Скоро будут новые уроки! Если у вас будут вопросы, то пишите мне и я с радостью помогу вам.

    1. Thank you very much! I am very pleased! I tried :) I really appreciate it! :D Unfortunately your link does not open. I would be happy to look your work!

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