Underwater Photo Retouching

Underwater Photo Retouching

Underwater Photo Retouching
Contrast Before and After

Step 1

Open the Layers> New Adjustment Layer menu and select Brightness/Contrast. The Brightness/Contrast tool should appear. In the Brightness/Contrast tool, increase the contrast until the distance looks correct.

Photoshop Brightness/Contrast

Step 2

Click on the thumbnail of the the Brightness/Contrast layer mask. There should be a white outline around the layer masks thumbnail when activated. Select the Eraser tool from the tools pallet. Right mouse click anywhere on the document window to open the brush options and set the hardness to 50. Now, erase the foreground area. The area you erase should appear black in the layer mask thumbnail.

Photoshop Layer Mask Painting

Final Results

Rollover the image to see the before and after effect.

Faux Dynamic Range Increase

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One comment on “Underwater Photo Retouching”

  1. I find the quickest and easiest way is to just hit 'autocolour' a number of times until there is no further change - usually about 10 or 12 times, then increase vibrance and saturation.
    You can set this as an action for fixing batches.

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