3D Textured Text Effect

3D Textured Text Effect
If you’re using different images, play around a bit with blending modes, mostly Overlay, Soft Light, Hard light, Multiply will give the desired results.

Step 5

Repeat the procedure prescribed in Step 4, but with a different texture. I used one of the texture from this pack.
In brief, open the texture image, Select All (Ctrl/Cmd+A), Copy it (Ctrl/Cmd+C) & return to your original document, pressing down Ctrl/Cmd Click on Vector Smart Object thumbnail to select the letter/text & go to Edit>Paste Into (Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+V) to paste the texture in the letter “C”. And, change the blending mode to Multiply.

Step 6

Now, its again time to do the same thing as mentioned in Step 4 & 5, but with the different texture image. This time I used a more colorful texture from a another texture pack over at deviantArt. And, this time I choose the blending mode to Soft Light.
This is how my image & Layer Palette looks like after step 6. Power Tip: If you need to edit the filler texture image or if you don't like how it looks within the letter, you can still change it! Just choose the Move Tool (V) & drag over with your texture layer selected. Also, if you need to resize the texture image select Edit>Transform to resize it.

Step 7

Now, select the Background layer & fill with a Gradient Tool (G). I used Linear Gradient & the colors for the two stops are as prescribed in the screenshot. Drag the gradient tool diagonally from bottom to top.

Step 8

Pressing down Shift key select all the layers in the Layer Palette except the background layer & Link all of them. Also make sure to link the Layer Mask thumbnails with their corresponding layer thumbnails by clicking once between them.

Step 9

Now, we will do the reflection of our letter “C”. For that, select all the linked layers & duplicate them.


Merge all the duplicated layers & name it Reflection.

Step 11

On the Reflection layer, go to Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical & place it beneath the letter “C”. Adjust its perspective if the need be.

Step 12

The next step is to add a layer mask to the duplicate layer. To do this simply click on the add layer mask button in the layers palette.
Now pick the Gradient Tool (G) and draw a gradient (black to white) in the direction from bottom to mid top.
Finally just reduce the opacity of the duplicate layer and you are all done. I reduced the opacity to 20% , there is no golden rule about the opacity % , just play with the opacity setting & choose the one that suits your image.

Step 13

Finally, with the Type Tool, I wrote the words “for creativity” with the settings as shown in the Character Palette.
The font used is Larissa & can be downloaded from here. I also rotated the words a bit via Edit>Transform. Then I applied the layer style, as shown in the screenshots below.

Step 14

To add a bit of finishing touch, I added Outer Glow to the Vector Smart Object layer, as shown.
And, that’s how my Layers palette in end & final image looks like.
Here, is a another example of image, I made with the same technique.
To take it further, play & experiment with various textures, the blending modes, also changing the various Adjustments options like Invert, Posterize, Hue/Saturations settings etc. gives the different results. You can also make the text look grungy or rusty using grunge textures, its just the matter of exploring the powers of Photoshop & tapping your creativity!

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  1. hi i am vishal rana i am graffics designer in surat.i have used photoshop, illustrater,coral & flaceCS3 so your have requerment in your company.i have complite my education T.Y B.COM complite.

  2. I wanted to thank you for posting this tutorial, I had a lot of fun learning.

    This is what my image turned out like http://s747.photobucket.com/user/Sensaki610/media/Anyone/merci002f_zps93221ff8.png.html

    One note the link on Page 2 "another texture pack" no longer exists, however I was able to use a similar image here http://joorteloog.deviantart.com/art/numbing-blow-160234146

    I am retired and Photoshop and other Adobe apps are a hooby.

    Thanks again John.

  3. thanks for tutorial. i'm still a bit confused about how much PS distinctive in comparison with AI on the fly objects customization

  4. Can anybody help me out pls...
    How can i place or Overlape any image on this 3D Art...??
    As in this they do some flowers & leaves on the 3D image of "C"...

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