Design a Retro Typography Poster in Photoshop

Design a Retro Typography Poster in Photoshop

Our Text has three multiple faces front, side, top and bottom. We will deal with each side separately. First select all the font side paths holding "Shift" key.


Right click and select "Make Selection"


Create a new Group and call it "Characters". This group contains our 3D text layers. Create a new layer and fill the selection with #f25a38. Rename the layer to "text-front"


This time select all the bottom and top side faces. Then turn them into selection.


Create a new layer and fill the selection with #e64d2a. Now pick #feaa97 and apply to the pieces belong to the word "AM". Rename the layer to "text-bottom"


Repeat the process to finish the side pieces as well. Use the below values. Rename this layer to "text-side".


Step 4 : Adding colors to the text

Text is very flat now but we will change this, Ctrl+click on the "text-front" layer to load selection. Create a new layer above the "text-front" layer. With the selection active click on the "Add layer mask" button. This adds mask to the layer that reveals only the areas where we want so that We can paint freely.


Paint some nice and saturated colors with a soft brush.


Load selection for the top side faces of "GEEK" using our main path. Add highlight.


Add highlights to the side faces of the text.


Step 5 : Creating blends

Switch back to Illustrator. We will be spending quite a bit of time rest of the tutorial creating line work using Illustrator, mainly creating blends. Draw some lines and blend them just by pressing Ctrl+Alt+B it's that simple. Here we create our first blend object.


Another one.


To apply color to the blend click on the stroke color box and choose a color.


Copy the blend objects, switch back to Photoshop and paste them as smart objects. Position them as in the following image.


We want to limit these objects to the front side only. Hide outside portion using a mask. Load selection from "text-front" layer and click on the Add Layer Mask button.


Step 6 : Adding stroke to the text

Create a new layer, open the Paths palette. We have our main path here. Ctrl+click to load selection.


Expand the selection. Go to Select > Modify > Expand.

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