Design a Retro Typography Poster in Photoshop

Design a Retro Typography Poster in Photoshop

Stroke the selection, go to Edit > Stroke. don't worry about color we will add a gradient later.


Now we will apply some gradient to the stroke. Load the layer style dialogue box and click on the Gradient Overlay button. Use below settings.


Step 7 : Creating dimensional lines

Next create some lines. These lines will add dimension to our design. Pick the Line tool and draw a very long straight line that runs past the canvas boundaries. We will duplicate this layer and rotate it several times.


Duplicate the layer and rotate it.


Duplicate the layer and press Ctrl+Shift+T to repeat the transformation.


Create same number of lines. I created a total of 9 lines. Delete the straight line we created first.


Select all the lines and convert them to a Smart Object. This way we can control it as a whole. Reposition it like in the following image.


Step 8 : Creating a Tech ring

We are going to create a tech ring type of object. Create a circle with Ellipse tool. Check Shape Layers option.


Reduce the Fill opacity to zero. Apply stroke using the Layer Styles box.


Duplicate the layer and resize it inwards. Vary the stroke width.


Repeat the process until you have the below look. Select all the circles and merge them into a single layer.


Now make some random cuts to achieve the tech ring kind of appearance. Use Layer Mask to make the cuts.


Repeat the process on remaining circles.


Here is the final result.


Step 9 : Add a Highlight to background

Create a new layer, add a highlight spot with a large soft brush.


Step 10 : Adding dimension

Next step is to give the composition some dimension. Start by adding the metal texture. This will work as the base to the design. Drag it into our composition.


Press Ctrl+U, adjust Hue and Saturation. Make it a bit orangish to match the background.


Adjust the Curve balance.


The texture is not big enough. Resize it by 150% using the Options panel.


Rotate the texture.


Make the below selection with Magnetic Lasso tool. Save the selection as an Alpha Channel. To do this switch to Channels palette, at the bottom click on Save Selection as Channel button. This will create the Alpha Channel which we can use later.

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