Design a Retro Typography Poster in Photoshop

Design a Retro Typography Poster in Photoshop

While the selection is active, click on the metal texture layer and click on Add Layer Mask button. See the result.


The edges are hard here, let’s blend them smoothly into our background. Load selection from our recently created Alpha Channel. Grab the Gradient tool, pick black and white gradient, click on layer mask and drag.


Create a new layer and fill #34a691.


Load selection from the Alpha Channel.


Click on the Add Layer Mask button.


Color is too solid. Mix it smoothly. Alt+Click on Layer Mask to enter mask mode, pick a soft brush and paint with black. You can see my mask here.


It should look like this.


Paint a faint shadow to the text to make it look like floating off the ground. Use a soft brush to paint the shadow. I used dark gray and reduced the Opacity.


Select the dimensional lines Smart Object and apply the below gradient.


Step 11 : Add more lines

This time we can create these lines directly in Photoshop using Pen tool. Create a new path layer and draw some paths using Pen tool.


We have to apply strokes to these paths. Right click on each path and choose Stroke Subpath. Make sure you are doing this in a new layer.


Vary stroke weights slightly.


Step 12 : Add shadow to the base

Make a selection with Magnetic Lasso tool.


Pick a soft brush and paint along the edge of the selection. Click on one end holding Shift key and then click on the other end.


Step 13 : Create Skyline

Let's create a simple skyline that will add some look to our design. Jump back to Illustrator. Select the Rectangle Tool and draw the skyline silhouette. Keep your skyline as similar as possible. Notice the left side blocks are a bit thinner than the other because when we apply 3D rotation this part is going to be closer to the camera so it will translate into much bigger size.


Go to Effect > 3D > 3D Rotate. Apply below settings.


Go to Object > Expand Appearance. Press Ctrl+Shift+G to ungroup the object.


Right click and choose Release clipping mask.


We need only outline that we want to take into Photoshop. You can easily Swap the fill color to stroke.


Copy and paste the object into our Photoshop document as Smart Object. Resize to match this image.

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