Looking for a way to process HDR photos that’s better than Lightroom or Photoshop? Check out this Aurora HDR review and quickstart tutorial by Denny’s Tips. HDR photography lets you create images with a far greater dynamic range than what you’d get with your camera. It involves taking the same photo multiple times with lighter and darker variations. Then, you can merge them in Lightroom, Photoshop or specialized software like Aurora HDR. What makes Aurora HDR better than Adobe’s HDR Merge is that it’s easier to use while still giving you powerful editing capabilities.

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G. Wayne Dwornik

Going to have to check this out! Looks very promising

Todd Allen

Rob…. what do you use?

Đơ Điểu

HùNg ĐứC Lê vô đây cũng nhau học hỏi . Chia sẻ tri thức cho nhau

Nova Raymond

Brightness – Aurora
Quality – Photoshop

Phones Photos n Tools

Who else loves handheld power tools ?

Vigdis Lavik


Gerry Swetsky

What’s going on? I tried four browsers and couldn’t render the video!
Besides, what is a Photoshop tutorial site doing touting a competitive product?

Robert Chr Vaage

Bullshit, I can make the same photo opposite way! The aurora and luminar software is just a hunk of crap!

Thierry Akaya

Luminar. ???

totally right couldnt agree more :)

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