Video Demonstration

Below is a video demonstration of Landscape Retoucher. Note that the video shows the Pro version which has more features than the Lite version.

Pro Version

The free download includes 5 Photoshop action but with the pro version, you get an additional 9 powerful actions. These actions can be used to reduce haze, restore blown out skies, boost dynamic range, and more!





Download Landscape Retoucher by SparkleStock

To install, simply double-click on the ATN file then, in Photoshop, open your Actions panel (Window > Actions). Play any actions by clicking the play button on the bottom of your panel. If you do not see the actions, click on the panel on the top-right corner of your Actions panel then choose Load Actions. Browse for the ATN file then click OK.

  • Enhance Blue Skies
  • Improve Water Clarity
  • DR – Boost Shadows
  • DR – Boost Highlights
  • Vividness – Neutral Priority
  • Vividness – Vivid Priority
  • Remove Color Cast
  • Reduce Haze
  • Restore Overexposed Skies
  • Midtone Contrast
  • DR – Boost Dynamic Range
  • DR – Highlight Compression
  • Vividness – Enhance Foliage
  • Nondestructive Tone Adjuster