Step 10

Let’s continue to build the scene. Open the Waterfall stock and place it like I did in the image below. It goes above the Forest Stock.


Step 11

Now we have to mask the waterfall. Add a Clipping Mask to the waterfall layer and with black paint over the unwanted part.

TIP: Paint with 100% Opacity the edges of the image and reduce the opacity where you want to blend it with the Forest stock.

Below you can see my Clipping Mask and the result.



Step 12

Now that we have blended the image we have to fix its lights/shadows and colors because it’s too greenish and bright.

To fix the Lights and Shadows add a Hue/Saturation adjustment (only for the Waterfall stock) and put these settings:

  • Master 0 0 -44
  • Yellows 0 14 -26
  • Cyans 0 -35 -100

To fix the colors add a Color Balance adjustment (only for the Waterfall) with these settings:

  • Shadows 6 -1 -10
  • Midtones 2 -10 -8
  • Highlights 0 -7 -12



Step 13

Open the Autumn Forest stock to complete the scene. Place it above the Waterfall stock and its adjustments.


Step 14

Also this stock has to be blended with the rest. Like we did before we will add a Clipping Mask to it and paint with black the unwanted parts. Below you can see my Mask and my result.



Step 15

Once again we have to fix the colors and the lights. Add a Hue/saturation adjustment only for this layer putting these settings:

  • Master 0 0 2
  • Reds 0 -31 17
  • Yellows 0 -19 -8
  • Greens 0 -12 -58

For the colors add a Color Balance adjustment only for this layer with these settings:

  • Shadows 7 4 1
  • Midtones -4 0 -5
  • Highlights 0 3 -5



Step 16

Now our scene is complete but the model doesn’t fit it. Let’s blend her! Add a Hue/Saturation adjustment only for the Model layer with these settings:

  • Master 0 -26 -17
  • Green 0 -40 -40

For the colors add a Color Balance adjustment only for the model layer. Settings:

  • Shadows 12 0 -10
  • Midtones 20 0 -16
  • Highlights 9 0 -20



Step 17

Now everything is fixed! Let’s give the scene more intensity. Add a Gradient Map above every layer. Set it to Soft Light with Opacity and Fill at 80%.



Step 18

The light source is strong but the light around is not. That’s why we have to add a bit of luminosity. Create a new layer above all layers and set it to Hard Light.  With color #d0a945 paint some light. I used a soft round brush.  Below you can see where I painted. (The black background is only on the purpose to show you!).




  1. This is one beautiful tutorial and such an amazing finale!
    This is one tutorial I must have a go at above all others I’ve seen so far. I’ll definitely be visiting your own site shortly…. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.
    Thanks Fabrizio

  2. author looks ok with artwork on deviantart

    “I used it here [link] Thx for the stock :)”
    “thanks you so much :hug:”

    and other artworks with tagremoval he said thank you
    safe to assume?

  3. You didn’t mention whether or not you have permission to remove the photographer’s tag. Apparently you don’t think it is necessary to provide that information. It is strangely important to me.