Create a Romantic and Warm Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create a Romantic and Warm Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
Create a Romantic and Warm Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Step 34

Now that the shadows are done let's add a bit of light on the model. Create a new layer only for the model (Above the one you created for the shadow). Set it to Hard Light with Opacity and Fill at 70%. I picked the color #f6d57b and painted some light on the edges of the model.For the edges of legs you have to pick a darker color because the light doesn't hit them directly. (Something like #ecb545). Below you can see where I painted the light. (Obviously being the layer bound only to the model, the light won't go in the background. This is only to show it to you).

Step 35

Time to work more on the scene. First of all I want people to focus on the model. That's why we are going to add a kind of Vignette. Create a new layer above all layers and fill it with 50% of Gray (Edit > Fill > 50% Gray). Set the layer to Soft Light with Opacity and Fill at 80%.Our aim is to darken the edges of the canvas and to give more light in the center. So we will paint with black on the edge and with white in the center. I did with a soft brush with 50% Opacity. Below you can see my Vignette and the result.

Step 36

Let's give the scene warmer tones.Add a Selective color adjustment with these settings:
  • Reds: 9 0 0 7
  • Yellows: -7 2 17 9
  • Blacks -6 0 4 -2

Step 37

Once again warmer tones. Reddish to be more precise. Add a new layer and set it to Hard Light with Opacity at 50% and Fill at 80%. Pick the color #c45f25 and paint some red light. Use a very low Opacity for the brush. Below you can see my layer.

Step 38

Now that we added a bit of red light we have to compensate it with shadow. Create a new layer and set it to Soft Light with Fill 56%. Pick a soft brush with low opacity and paint on the edges with black. Below my layer and the result.

Step 39

Now add a Curves adjustment to give more luminosity to the scene. Drag it so that you will have these settings:
  • Output 140 and Input 111

Step 40

Last adjustment I made was adding a Color Balance.Settings:
  • Shadows -5 0 -3
  • Midtones 0 0 0
  • Lights 0 0 -15

Step 41

If you want you can add a bit of sharpness to the final result. Make a stamp of all layers by clicking Shift + ALT + CRTL + E. Go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask
  • Settings:
  • Amount 148%
  • Radius 2
  • Threshold 0

Final Results


Tutorial by Fabrizio Panattoni

With the techniques you learn here you can create your own photo manipulations, wallpapers, book covers or just to make art. I would like to see what you will create following my tutorial, so if you want leave a comment here with a link of your creations! You can see more of my art check here Fabrizio Panattoni

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  1. for that "copyright infringement" removal of logo I will not try this exercise as I refuse to use a photograph that is not in the public domain.
    Even when it is for "educational" reasons...

  2. Wow! :(

    I normally love your tutorials and you do great work teaching and inspiring.
    But just removing a photographers logo??? You do know it is his or her property right? You can’t just “steal” it and remove the logo???! It’s there for a reason.
    You as an artistic company should know that and be on the side of the artists and not the big company’s who think they can just use everything they can possibly Google.

    I’m very very disappointed…

  3. This is one beautiful tutorial and such an amazing finale!
    This is one tutorial I must have a go at above all others I've seen so far. I'll definitely be visiting your own site shortly.... I can't wait to see what's in store.
    Thanks Fabrizio

  4. Hi, Your Photoshop tutorial web site is very creative & effective learning site. I am looking this site.


  5. author looks ok with artwork on deviantart

    "I used it here [link] Thx for the stock :)"
    "thanks you so much :hug:"

    and other artworks with tagremoval he said thank you
    safe to assume?

  6. You didn't mention whether or not you have permission to remove the photographer's tag. Apparently you don't think it is necessary to provide that information. It is strangely important to me.

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