Fabrizio Panattoni
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Create This Gorgeous Moonlight Poster of a Girl Walking on a Railway

Learn how to create this beautiful moonlight scene in Photoshop. This tutorial will teach you many great Photoshop techniques such as how to easily mask complex objects using channels, create your own astrophotography-like skies, and add surreal colors to the whole image. A PSD is also included with this tutorial. Read this tutorial and learn …

How to Create an Emotional Soft-Tone Photo Manipulation

Preview of Final Results Download the PSD Emotional Photo Manipulation.zip | 5.18 MB Download from Website Emotional Soft-Tone Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial Resources Lady – Mijranum-stock Background – Lunebleu-stock Petals – Lucifers-star Diamonds – Antiseptisch Step 1 – The Background Open the Background and cut the part you’re interested in. We want to give more …

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