How to Create a Stunning Winter Princess Artwork in Photoshop

How to Create a Stunning Winter Princess Artwork in Photoshop
How to Create a Stunning Winter Princess Artwork in Photoshop

Learn how to create this winter scene in Photoshop. You will learn how to blend photos and textures, create a cold blue photo effect, and more!

Final Results

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Step 1 - Background

Open the 'Background 1' image and let's crop the part we are interested in.


Duplicate the image and set it to Multiply. Opacity 80%.


Open the 'Background 2' image and put it above the other layers. Delete the part with the tree (as you see below).


Set the layer to Soft Light. Opacity 50%. As you can see on top there is a part of the tree that is not well belended. Delete it with the Erase Tool or with a Layer Mask (I prefer this method because it doesn't destroy the image).


This is what you will have.


Create a new layer. Choose a big round soft brush with low Opacity and pick Black color. Paint a vignette like the one you see in the image below and add Gaussian Blur if you want.


Set the layer to Multiply. Opacity and Fill to 80%.


We need to create a kind of ray of light. Create a new layer. You can paint it with a soft brush or use a light beams brush like this.I used this color: #ccdffb (The black background is only to make you see the light, you will not have to do it!)


I left the layer with Normal Blend but I put the Opacity at 80%. Double click on this layer and a window will pop up. Check 'Outer Glow'. Put the color #ccdffb instead of the preset yellow.


Step 2 - Lady

Extract the Lady and put her above every layer in the position you see below. (I previously worked on her skin with the Smudge Tool and liquified a bit her face).


Add a Hue/Saturation only for the lady's layer and set the Saturation to -60.


Create a new layer below the one with the Lady. Load the 'Smoke' brush and with color #999da3 paint something like the image below.


Set the layer to Linear Dodge with Opacity and Fill at 50% and this is what you'll have so far.


Create a new layer linked only at lady's layer (above the hue/sat we created before). Choose a soft brush with low Opacity and Flow. Pick the color #cad7e7 and paint some light at the edges of the lady.


Create a new layer above everything and let's paint some hair to give it volume.

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