Step 12 – Adding Effects on the Text

Now is the fun part. We’re going to add some cool effects to the text with the Brush. You can download the Brushes we need from this link:

Create a new layer and name it “brush design”. Select Brush Tool & set the foreground color to white. Select the brushes that you just installed, and add the effect to the corners of the text as you see in the image below. Do the same for all the corners of your text. The final image below should give you a rough idea of what the product should look like.

Step 12

Step 12(a)

Step 13 – Adding colors to the Brush

Choose feather brush > choose the same colors as in Step 6 & lock the brush design layer > fill it according to the background colors. Then go to Layer > Blending Mode > Linear Dodge (Add).

Step 13

Step 13(a)

Step 14 – Adding Glow to the Brush Design

Applying some glow to the design around the text will help the design stand out even more. Choose Outer Glow from layer style then follow the settings as you see in the image below.

Step 14

Step 14(a)

Step 15 – Adding Special Effects (a)

Before we can add special effects behind the text, download the Real Smoke Photoshop brushes. After you’ve installed them, choose the brush that I’ve highlighted in the red circle.

Step 15

Step 16 – Adding Special Effects (b)

Create a new layer, press D to reset the color & press X to bring the white on top. Place the selected brush & turn the layer to horizontal. Fill the color and repeat what you did in Step 11.

Step 16

Step 17 – Adding Stars

Download this set of particle and star Photoshop brushes. Select Pen tool to create a wave path. Switch to the Brush tool then right click on the screen. Choose the star brush as you see in the image below, select Pen Tool, then right click on the screen and select “Stroke Path”. Choose Brush and activate “Simulate Pressure” then click OK. Change the Blending Mode to “Color Dodge”.

Step 17(a)

Step 17

Step 18 – Final Touch

You can use Particles from the Brush. Click on the screen then apply the Eraser Tool (E) and erase around the layout, so the particles will be highlighted only around the glowing text.

Step 18