“The Alchemy of Emptiness” is a very intriguing piece. Can you tell us more about this? What was the inspiration for this work?

Well I can’t tell you a ton because I hate to ruin people’s own interpretation and experience with a piece of artwork. To me that is what is most magical about art… the intersubjectivity of it all. But I will say that this project was perhaps my most personal piece of work yet. It was really an attempt to express certain, very delicate and hidden aspects of space… not necessarily physical in any way… but more psychological and/or psycho-spiritual. I really concentrated on achieving a certain quality of light above all else. And in turn creating an environment or atmosphere which broadly elicited a more visceral reaction, rather than specific images which would trigger distinct thoughts and/or feelings. The architecture of the images themselves is relatively simple, but I spent a lot of time working on layers and layers of intricate lighting adjustments. Of course, the images and the symbols ado have their place in the puzzle as well, but in the end it was the lighting that brought it altogether.

What do you consider as your greatest achievement so far?

To be completely honest… just staying alive and making it to the place where I am now! I have had such a crazy life filled with so many trials, mis-cues, maniacal misadventures, and mistakes, that honestly I just feel incredibly blessed to be in the position I am in now. And by that I mean having my health, a great gig doing what I love to do, and having the chance to create every day for a living. I really feel as though my creative work is just now reaching a point where I can take my own visions and voice and express them in a way that I am technically proud of and spiritually fulfilled by. So far I haven’t really achieved much in an external sense… but I know this is just the beginning. The fact that I am now able to call myself an artist and a creative professional with the ability to clearly present my own vision is a good enough achievement for me.

Do you have new projects that you’re working on right now?

I have quite a few really fantastic and fulfilling client projects going on right now. One of which is a full scale branding suite for a new winery based out of Paso Robles. The wine, and the philosophy behind it are based off of the 64 arts of the kamasutra (no, not the sex positions!), and its entire visual system is chalk full of ancient and eastern elements so as you can imagine I am loving every minute of it. Another project I have recently begun is working with the world’s largest collector of ancient artifacts and relics. Currently I am curating (and creating) a web gallery and online store for him with some of his most incredible and immaculate pieces. Again… suffice it to say this is a dream job for me!! And of course last but not least my personal creative work… I will be picking up where The Alchemy left off and continuing down the road of dark and rich monotone imagery. The next set I am putting together is by far and away going to be the most visually stunning yet :)

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    Your photograph is perfect for Marie’s clipping mask . . . beautiful.

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