Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne

Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne
Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne

Marcus Byrne is a multidisciplinary-designer with a wealth of international experience across leading brands throughout Ireland, New Zealand, Sydney and Brisbane. He has written Photoshop tutorials for international publications Advanced Photoshop and Photoshop Creative for beginner and advanced Photoshop users as well as design cover art features. His world’s first useable font designed by painting light with his iPhone featured on the homepage of WIRED, Mashable, PSFK, Designboom, Trendhunter, MacWorld, Design Taxi and Gizmodo AUS, US, UK, India & Japan.It also featured on the TV Show - The Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada/USA. His early design and art direction work included album covers for world renowned guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. Lets get to know him more in this interview.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Patient, pretty versatile, inquisitive and disciplined.


Your Behance profile shows different projects that you've had such as retouching, 3D typography and branding just to name a few. What is your main forte as an artist?

On a day to day basis, retouching would be my main staple. Traditionally a graphic designer with a photography background, Photoshop and 3D are more in demand now. I really enjoy working with type in the 3D space.

I recently collaborated with Jesse Richardson and completed a branding job for the School of Thought International which was a very fulfilling and comprehensive piece of work. It involved logo design, branding, graphic design, storyboarding animations and creating visuals using 3D and Photoshop. It's a fantastic idea by a talented creative, Jesse Richardson. It’s a huge online education platform, currently in funding stage. You can check it out here. and the full branding work here.


I really like your Instagram Alphabet Project. How did you come up with that photography idea? Did you find any difficulties in doing this project? If so, what are those?

I have been shooting with a Canon 5D for years commercially and as a hobby with travel, people and live music being the main subjects. Creating an Instagram project was appealing for a number of reasons. It interested me because of the limitations of the iPhone camera lens, the square crop and the simplicity of the processing. Everything could be processed on the iPhone.

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