Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne

Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne
Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne

3D TYPE: After a photography journey took me to some awesome places throughout South America, S.E. Asia and India, I had the idea to create type that interacts with the location. I shot each scene with perspective in mind. I used Cinema 4D to create the type and match the angle for each scene. The type needed to feel integrated within the surroundings. I used Photoshop to grade and finish the textures. The project received some traction which led to a Cover Art feature and 4 page tutorial for Advanced Photoshop Magazine based in the UK. I have since had the pleasure of writing numerous Photoshop tutorials for advanced users and also for their sister publication, Photoshop Creative which is aimed at beginners.


What message can you give to every young designer who are starting on their journey now?

Have patience but be persistent, travel as much as you can, have an open mind and get immersed in the unfamiliar, take heaps of photos, enjoy nature and learn to play a musical instrument.


More about Marcus Byrne

Marcus is now settled in Melbourne where he heads up the design studio for George Patterson Y&R. He was recently a guest writer for Lost at E Minor posting various creative findings. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile and website.

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