Interview with Francisco Rossi: Creative Advertisements Created with Photoshop & 3D Software

Interview with Francisco Rossi: Creative Advertisements Created with Photoshop & 3D Software
Interview with Francisco Rossi: Creative Advertisements Created with Photoshop & 3D Software

Francisco Rossi is a designer from Buenos Aires who has some of the most popular projects on Behance. He uses 3D software with Photoshop hand in hand to make his incredibly creative advertisements. Read this interview to learn where Rossi gets his inspiration from and a few tips he has for designers.

Welcome to Photoshop Tutorials! How did you get started in design and what kept you going?

I think what keeps me on in design is that is always changing, you can explore different areas and find one that suits you,  the feeling that every work will be different makes it fun to do.

Where do you get your inspirations from? Are there any artists that you look up to?

I heard recently that you're as good as your reference, so besides working on your skills its useful to gather as much reference as you can, the more you see, the more creative your work will be. I look up to my coworkers, I was lucky to work with artists like them; I learned a lot of different Art disciplines. Also there are many contemporary Brazilian artists that I think have a unique way of working and combining tools to achieve some awesome art pieces (Tiago Hoisel and Pedro Conti for example)

What is the best part of being an Industrial Designer and CG Artist? Asides from designing, what do you do on your spare time?

To study design I think it help me a lot to understand shapes in a 3D way, also I learn to use the tools (2d and 3d programs). Knowing how things work usually helps a lot at the time to represent them. Also learning about textures and materials and what are they uses makes the results more appealing. That’s why in a future I want to also design and produce some toys, knowing the processes of manufacturing also comes in handy, and that’s part of what I studied as a designer.

In the "Bimbo Crunch" advertisement, you mentioned on your Behance project page that the main challenge was to mimic the real texture of the product and to make it look extra crispy. How long did it take you to overcome this challenge? What was the key to making it look extra crispy?

That piece of work was a real challenge, especially because I didn’t have the real product in my hands so I had to base all my work on a few photos. I think the key is to look at the very fine details, starting from the general shapes to actually modeling different pieces of bread crumbs to accomplish the same look. The texture was important as well, food usually has an effect called SSS (sub surface scattering), that may become the difference between a “plastic” look and a real look (that you can see often in 3d work, especially in skin, foliage and food.

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  1. Hi,I would highly recommend Cinema 4D R14, Its has a intuitive interface making for a faster workflow and a beautiful render engine, also vray compatible. For stills or animations.

  2. I am very interested in visual effects but i don't know what to study after my 12th standard please guide me...

  3. Amazing portfolio Francisco. I'm taking a graphic design course at the Art Institute and I'm very interested on how you learned 3D and which software you use. I see great importance in 3D but it is another degree that I can't afford so I have to learn it myself. Where should I start?

    1. Hey chase, I usually use 3dmax, and sometimes Maya or Rhino depending on the project.

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