Interview with Web and Graphic Designer Espen Espelund

Interview with Web and Graphic Designer Espen Espelund
Interview with Web and Graphic Designer Espen Espelund

Espen Espelund is a web/graphic designer from Norway. Besides his web/graphic design projects, he also creates digital art that showcases his creative talent. His work features a clean, simple design but with a technical twist. This interview would tell us more about his work process and inspirations.

Can you tell us something about your background? What influenced you to become a web/graphic designer?

I stumbled upon an edition of Photoshop when I was around 11 and have been using it ever since. I've also had a few runs at 3d software, but somewhat lost the interest when the polygons refused to do any of the stuff I wanted to in a reasonable -amount of time. During the same period I've also been doing some web design sporadically. A few years ago I figured out it was about time to stop trying to do everything at once and pick one thing to get really good at. I choose web design, and have been doing it ever since.

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Where do you find your inspiration?

I prefer Behance for creative work, since most of the stuff there are highly polished and finished products. When it comes to web design I look at successful and large websites, and steer away from CSS galleries mostly filled with pretty stuff designers like. For the most part I couldn't care less if my web sites are loved by designers, I want to see traffic rising and users engaging.


What is a day like for you?

Well, I get up around 6am when my daughter wakes up, somewhat tired from working way past midnight. After a while when she's in the kindergarten and I've had a few coffees I put on some good music and review my Getting Things Done list and plan the day. More or less working thru the fun stuff on my list until 2pm when I get a huge breakfast, and go for a good hour and a half of hard weightlifting. The rest of the day is work mixed with family time.


What projects or activity make you want to rise up in the morning or keep you up at night?

All of them. If a project isn't worth running like a maniac out of bed for, it isn't worth wasting time on. I hate sleep.


How have you evolved as a designer?

I've moved from creative to analytical with the switch to web design. I'm sure that will heavily influence my work when I at some point return to photo manipulations.


Your work has an aura of simplicity but with an unexpected twist. How do you develop a concept from start to finish?

It always starts with a somewhat blurry visualization that I try to put down with a pencil before it gets away. I tend to work very strategically with the finished product in mind and not waste time on going back and forth with "improvements".

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