Today’s interview is about Alberto Seveso, a graphic designer from Milan, Italy and the designer behind the Photoshop CC 2015 loading screenn. Let us take a look on how he made this design and get to know him more in this interview. Enjoy!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I’m an Illustrator, graphic designer and occasionally a photographer. I was born in Milan, Italy but i lived in Sardinia the most significative years of my life, now i live and work in Bristol as a Freelance. The passion for graphic arts started in the mid of ‘90 because I was really fascinated from the graphic of skate decks and the cover of music CD of metal bands. From this passion I started to think about how reproduce this kind of artwork. I ever had a computer in my house, my first home computer was a Commodore Vic 20, and I kept thinking that my computer could be useful in this way. I mean that I can use the computer to make art and not only to play! but the turning point was when a friend of mine showed me “Photoshop” i think it was the ’97 and it was love at first sight. I’ve never studied graphic design or art, i’m self-taught.


Your ADOBE Inspire, Cover + PS015 Screen artwork is really fascinating. What is the meaning behind this work?

i’ve been approached by the Adobe Inspire team to create a cover to celebrate the 25° Anniversary of Adobe Photoshop, then it became the loading screen of the software…
Adobe team gave me the totally freedom in the creative process the only rule was “celebrate the software” so, my idea was just simple “make something cool” using the “basic filters and tools” because everyone at the first approach with Photoshop use the basic tools and filters, just to play and also because i started my career playing with Photoshop.


What are the tools that you’ve used for your ADOBE Inspire, Cover + PS015 Screen?

The whole process is quite easy, i’ve used just few filters and tools, the main filter is stylize/wind in stagger mode, mixed with some of my ink photos in double exposure mode.


What inspired you in creating the ADOBE Inspire, Cover + PS015 Screen?

Well, about the inspiration usually i reply that i don’t know, i think it comes from the experiences, from everyday life and maybe it is something innate because you can’t buy it or learn it, it’s just something that happen. The inspiration is something that surrounds you, you can’t see it, but she/he can see you, sometimes appears and you have to be quick to grab it. Anyway, in that case i was inspired by the simplicity of the software and particularly by the wind filter. :)

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