Interview with Graphic Designer Kinga Longa

Interview with Graphic Designer Kinga Longa

Interview with Graphic Designer Kinga Longa

Kinga Longa is a freelance graphic designer for about 4 years. She have studied IT at a technical university but she gave it up for her passion which is graphic design. Lets get to know her more and her passion in graphic design as in this feature!

What originally made you pursue in becoming a graphic designer?

Everything started 8 years ago when I started my first web blog. I wanted my site to attract users attention by interesting graphic design and from that moment I've started to use Photoshop amateurishly . Shortly after, it became my passion, I've learned at home and at high school I've started working remotely for small clients.


Your WaterFull Journey photo manipulation project is really comforting. Can you tell us the idea behind this artwork?

I have a pretty luxuriant imagination and I like to create projects on which sight of people smile. The tropical climate and scenery pleasing to the eye awakens in the recipient only positive emotions and the vision of a little girl riding on a giant elephant intrigues, which combined gives us an interesting history.


What kind of themes you want to work most in your projects? Do you prefer fantasy, horror, etc? Why?

I really like wild abstract themes. Strong contrasts and exotic animals is what I like to use in my works. I've done in my life some horror graphics but I can't say that it's my favourite style because black&white designs don't fits me. I adore colourful and 'tasty' graphics like it's often in huge commercial international campaigns.


What inspires you in creating logo designs? And how do you feel when you are designing them?

The most inspiring are things that surround us, ordinary things. When i'm designing logo i think about some normal object I would like to use as an sygnature, then I try to find worlds related to it in some way, after it I'm sketching all of my ideas on paper and finally everything goes to my computer program where I'm refinig the details. Of course it's good to browse the internet in search of logos in similary categories/themes to ours and try to follow the new graphic trends but it's really important to not forget that every graphic should be unique.


Do you have any style of your own? If so, what is it, what do you call it and why?

I'm sure there is some style that I have created but I can't fully name it. Some people say that I'm good at doing graphics that combine photos and drawings. I often use these tips to create posters in which there is usally used one photography with many filters and graphic elements around. However, I try to approach individually for each project or client and just do "good graphic", not "my graphic". It's important to be flexible for clients and to have a sense in many styles, not just in own I think.

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