Pablo Alfieri is an amazing graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires. His work creates a superb impact and inspiration to its viewers with burstings of colors and shapes. Find out more about Pablo’s background, inspiration and learning process in this interview.

First of all, thank you for letting us have this opportunity to interview you. Can you tell us more about yourself? What were your influences, growing up?

I’m Pablo Alfieri, I’m 29 years y.o. and I’m a Graphic Designer turned into an Art Director.

I’m from Argentina, I live in Buenos Aires, a lovely city.

I studied Graphic Design at the UBA (University of Buenos Aires). It took me 8 years because I was working at the same time so I had to travel long distances to go from my house to work, from work to University and then came back again to my house. So these were hard times!, very long days without sleep and so much effort! But it was worth it.

Regarding the influences when I was growing up, I have to tell you that I was never a kid who was interested in creative fields. When I enrolled in the University, I started in the architecture course but in the middle of the first year I realized that there was a lot of mathematics, physics and difficult subjects, and I’ve always been a lazy boy. That’s how I decided to change my orientation and became a Graphic Designer instead. I think that it’s been the best decision ever.


What made you pursue graphic design?

I started my studies in 2000, but I found out more about Graphic Design two years later when I was taking “Graphic Design 1”. In this subject I got to know the work of talented graphic designers like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Brody, David Carson and Rodchenko and from this moment onwards I’ve been in love with every single detail related to Graphic Design and Typography (my real passion)


Does your environment influence your designs? Where do you usually find inspiration?

I find inspiration in every single place I am in, in every song I listen to, in every moment I enjoy. I’m always thinking about my work and the projects that I’m involved in, so for instance when I’m enjoying a dinner with my friends, listening to music, having lunch with my mates or being alone in my house, these moments inspire me creative thoughts that I put down in paper afterwards.


What is it about typography that you love?

What I love about working with typography is that you can emphasize the message of a communicational piece. You can work with typography as a visual element per se, not as much as just a letter in isolation. So the creative thoughts and the quantity of resources that you can use to convey a message are limitless.

Also I love the perfection of a good typography. I love working with the elements that make up a good typography, geometries and . So I think that I’ll never get tired of creating new works with typography as the main feature.



What is your work process like?

Depending on the kind of project. But I always THINK before I start TO WORK. Then the process could be a draft as a starting point, or just an image, or maybe some thoughts. Then I try to define the kind of treatment to work on, if the final piece will be digital I always work with tools like Illustrator, photoshop and cinema 4d. If the final piece will be an installation, I start to work on a 3d draft in Cinema 4d to assure the lens of the camera, measurement, distances, materials, etc etc and then I work with different materials but everything in handmade.

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