Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Luca Molnar

Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Luca Molnar
Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Luca Molnar

This interview features graphic designer and illustrator Luca Molnar. Her style can be described as a mixture of futuristic elements combined with ancient symbols. This gives her work a distinct aesthetic that is truly inspiring. Read on and see more of Luca’s work!

First of all, thank you for letting us have this opportunity to interview you. Can you tell us more about yourself? What were your influences, growing up?

I grew in a north city of Hungary. Since my dad worked in a zoo at the time, my main influences were animals and nature. I've been working as a digital artist since 2006. In the past few years I worked for MTV Networks, Ogilvy & Mather and Landor. You can also often read tutorials by me in magazines such as Advanced Photoshop. This month I'm also launching my own T-shirt brand, Miss Future!


Have you always been into arts and design?

Well, I started with IT, but that was an awful long time ago. However I always adored arts and history and I fell in love with Photoshop when I was 15.


Does your environment influence your designs?

Absolutely! I live in a very pretty place close to the hills and fields. I am inspired by the lights and colours of this place very much.


What is your work process like?

Very simple. First I have the idea, which I always draw on paper with my favorite pencil. These are just really rough sketches, I scan them and redo everything in Photoshop. I have pretty much the same process for all of my artworks.


Do you experiment on using new mediums or techniques?

I hate to admit it, but no. In university my tutors did their best to make me use different techniques, but they didn't succeed. I'm in love with pencils and computer, as simple as that.


Your work features a mixture of old symbols and futuristic elements. What is it about these elements inspires you?

I love the mystery about them, I feel like so many secrets and so much knowledge is stored there. I just love the stories behind these symbols and I also love the idea of making them modern. I love imagining how certain ancient symbols would look these days if we were still using them. I'm sure that would be a very different looking world. There's something magical about it, don't you think?


Can you share us your design philosophy?

Doing my best to make this world more beautiful and through beauty probably it could a better place as well.


Any new projects that you're working on right now?

Many! I'm working on a huge KDU feature for Advanced Photoshop magazine, also launching my T-shirt brand, Miss Future and finally I'm working on my own design agency which will be launched next year.

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