Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne

Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne
Interview with Creative Retoucher Marcus Byrne

I decided to give myself a photography project to complete within a week. The photos were taken in Melbourne between Brunswick and the CBD. As I walked to work, I noticed abstract letter shapes in various forms, in shadows, angular architecture, patterns on the ground, walls and by observing natural perspective and negative space.

I decided to look for and photograph every letter of the alphabet as they revealed themselves to me along the way. There is an abstract sense to the shots which is deliberate. When you tune into something you see it everywhere. I never really used my iPhone for photography but this was a perfect project for a device that was on hand and easily accessed. I wanted the 26 images to work together and on closer inspection, the city of Melbourne to be identified in the set of abstract letters.


When did you start to do 3D Typography?

After years of working with Adobe's three main design programs, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, I felt I needed to expand into the 3D space to make design work more compelling and to take on a new challenge. I dabbled in Cinema 4D many years prior without actually producing anything so you could say I had dipped my feet in the 3D space. So with purely 3D type in mind, I decided to repay it a visit, you know, say hello. That was about three years ago. We've been friends ever since.


What is the best part in working with 3D and what is the worst thing?

The best thing about working in 3D would have to be the kind of visuals that can be created, the extra set of tools can help create stunning environments and images that are very appealing visually. The 3D environment can be daunting at first. The worst thing would have to be the render time and steep bumpy road before it gets comfortable. Rendering can be quite slow, particularly when there’s an important deadline looming and a client tapping erratically. Learning 3D is time consuming but once you get stuck into it, new challenges and solutions open up for the designer
and animator. The results are well worth the journey.

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