Interview with Digital Artist and Retoucher Nadegda Mihailova

Interview with Digital Artist and Retoucher Nadegda Mihailova

Interview with Digital Artist and Retoucher Nadegda Mihailova

One of your projects illustrates a sanctuary. For you, what is a sanctuary and why is it called such?

I wanted to create an ancient, mysterious sanctuary lost in the jungle. Source of inspiration for this work is photo I made at the zoo. It became the foundation of the future temple. It's just a stone slab with an interesting pattern. Very often idea for this or that work arise after viewing photos, interesting shapes. Sometimes quite any phrases from the book. I immediately received a clear idea of the final result. Then I needed only realize all.


Can you tell us more about your Hall of the White Wizards? How and why is it made?

It was a commercial project for Work on this project was very interesting and enjoyable. The initial idea and concept of work came from the customer. The focus was of the scene on the tower with the magic crystal from the game. I immediately liked the interesting shape of the building. Such a subjects very close to me - a combination of beautiful architecture, nature and magic.


What are the common mistakes that new retouchers commit the most? What are your pieces of advice that will correct their mistakes so it will be avoided by the new set of retouchers?

In general can distinguish blurred skin, distortion of the shape and volume, very bright and saturated color eyes, very white teeth and the whites of the eyes. But everything comes with experience.
The main advice is as much as possible practice. And of course, important accuracy. Do not be afraid to experiment, to try new methods. On the Internet, a lot of useful information and video tutorials, which are very useful especially in the beginning. This can help achieve excellent results.


 More about Nadegda Mihailova

You can find more of her commercial and personal works on her Behance profile or website.

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