Interview with Retoucher Ismail Dedelioglu

Interview with Retoucher Ismail Dedelioglu

What image have you created that holds the most personal meaning to you?

All of my work nestle a personal meaning to me. However, Cables probably holds more personal meaning and less of a broad message than my other works. On the other hand, from what I understand from the reviews of this work, many people find something from their inner world to relate to this work in one way another.

Imagination is the main key of artists in creating their artworks and not everyone has it. So, do you ever worry that one day your ideas will go slow? Why or why not?

I believe imagination comes from within, and it can’t be gained or lost. That being said, I also believe imagination can grow, mature, get stronger or weaken. It is important how and if you use your imagination. Some may not even be aware that they have imagination but imagination will stay somewhat active by making you bite into your cookies creating different shapes or try to find meaning in the shapes of clouds and sand dunes. I use my imagination in creating digital art. That’s how I nourish it as well. If I could paint, I would make paintings. If I could sculpt, I would create sculptures or write poems etc. I feel that my imagination is getting stronger as the time passes and I don’t worry that I will lose it.

What tools are the most important for your creations?

Anything social, emotional, mystical, supernatural that resonates with me becomes my inspiring tool to create art. I like to work in surrealist style. And Photoshop tools help me carve, paint, slice and stitch my ideas together.

Lastly, do you have anything coming up that you're particularly excited for? Can you share it to us?

I have quite a few photo manipulation projects in the works. However, I don’t know when I will complete them. Currently I am working on a series of black and white projects. They will be dreamlike portraits of notions like fear, anxiety, betrayal, love, trust etc. I am also working on a mystical photo manipulation project that I call Chicken Wings. A portrait of the fact that humans –who see themselves as supreme creatures, while destroying nature in a superfast pace - will never naturally have something which“supposedly” inferior creatures naturally have.


More about Ismail Dedelioglu

He met the computer in times when the internet was just on the list of ' science fiction fantasies'. In years when computers only meant 'word,excel' for companies, 'Minesweeper' or 'Solitaire' at homes, he worked in technical fields as system management in IT departments of companies. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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