Interview with Professional Fine Art Photographer and Retoucher Giovanna Griffo

Interview with Professional Fine Art Photographer and Retoucher Giovanna Griffo
Giovanna Griffo is an Italian fine art photographer and retoucher. She fell in love with photography when she was still six years old. As a professional, she loves sharing her knowledge to people who want to pursue photography. Learn more about her and her inspiring works in this interview.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I am a professional fine art photographer and retoucher. I teach digital photography, digital post processing and retouching in countrywide workshops followed by both professionals and amateurs. I fell in love with photography since I was six years old girl and I used to spend my time inside my father's darkroom: that was the place I loved the most! Developing films and printing was a kind of magic and I have been dreaming about it even when I grew up. I have always lived surrounded by art and creativity, my parents are painters and sculptors and they taught me to love art and to express myself in a creative way.

How would you describe photography? How and why is it important to you?

Photography for me is a boundless expression of sensitivity and love for life. It is a desire to feel more, to get excited even in front of small things. Photography empower your senses: you can discover how much beauty is hidden inside those gestures on which no one cares for, you can feel the light touching you, and the way it transforms objects around you; it lets you to be conscious that a moment is alive and real only in that precise moment in time you press the shutter, and after a second it no longer exists. I love photography, I do love it so much, it's my life. You are asking me if photography is important to me. Do you consider breathing to be important? That's it. I love that feeling when something burns inside my head for days, because I have an idea that wants to come to life. I have to keep it in mind, till the end, I have to pamper it for a long time, I have to pay attention, I have to let her grow inside me first, and then, within a thousandth of a second maybe, bring her to life. Photography is different from all other forms of creative art. In all other forms, the process is slower, less impulsive, but in photography... it takes a fraction of a second to bring it to life, a very short time to originate an idea that just a moment before was only in your mind. And so it happens, sometimes, that within the space of a single click, I give off tension, and pain, and joy; I feel more serene, relieved because now I can finally share it with someone. Nothing like a photograph is more concise and full of meanings that go straight from the head to the heart.

What type of photography and style do you do and where do you get the inspiration for your work?

I do practice every type photography involved with creativity and personal vision. I always try to express my vision in every genre of photography I approach. So it can be landscape, architecture, still life or portraiture but it has to be something more that a bare reproduction of reality. My pictures tell more about myself than about things I shot. Inspiration is everywhere. There is plenty of beauty in the world, so much beauty even in the weirdest places, or in the smallest things, or simply just around the corner of your house. When you feel to be in lack of inspiration just relax, breath, have fun and inspiration is going to knock on your door. Another great way to find inspiration is to have a look at creations of other artists. Browsing through websites like Behance is a great way to get inspired by an incredible amount of pure creativity that can give you a real shock!

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