Interview with Professional Fine Art Photographer and Retoucher Giovanna Griffo

Interview with Professional Fine Art Photographer and Retoucher Giovanna Griffo

Do you think photography is for everyone? Why or why not? And do you think talent for photography is something a person is born with?

I think that some people are more talented than other in looking at the workd around them in a "photographic way" however surely everyone can have fun and satisfaction doing photography and try to improve its own "photographic eye". You can be a born talented photographer or you can become, just following the right path. It's something about perception and senses and even empathy. If you are able to see, feel, hear, taste, smell, touch what the world is offering you in its innermost essence, then your mysteriously hidden photographic eye will break through! It will be the expression of your vitality, you passion, your sensitiveness.You can train you photographic eye. If you stop just for a moment to feel the world, it will break through your senses and it will show you the most amazing wonders you where dreaming when you were just a little child.

Do you already know what your next large project will be? Could you please tell us a brief description about it?

My next large project will be discovering Iceland and its wonders. Trying to capture northern lights and Aurora Borealis was one of my beloved dreams, and I do really hope to make this dream come this spring when I will be flying to Iceland leading a team of landscape photographers.

More about Giovanna Griffo

Giovanna Griffo was represented by Art + Commerce - New York and Gallery Stock - London. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile or website.

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