Interview with Professional Fine Art Photographer and Retoucher Giovanna Griffo

Interview with Professional Fine Art Photographer and Retoucher Giovanna Griffo
Interview with Professional Fine Art Photographer and Retoucher Giovanna Griffo

What type of photography and style do you do and where do you get the inspiration for your work?

I do practice every type photography involved with creativity and personal vision. I always try to express my vision in every genre of photography I approach. So it can be landscape, architecture, still life or portraiture but it has to be something more that a bare reproduction of reality. My pictures tell more about myself than about things I shot. Inspiration is everywhere. There is plenty of beauty in the world, so much beauty even in the weirdest places, or in the smallest things, or simply just around the corner of your house. When you feel to be in lack of inspiration just relax, breath, have fun and inspiration is going to knock on your door. Another great way to find inspiration is to have a look at creations of other artists. Browsing through websites like Behance is a great way to get inspired by an incredible amount of pure creativity that can give you a real shock!


Could you share with us an image that you’ve taken recently and talk us through the idea, the meaning behind it and how you shot it?

I have always thought that taking a good picture when you are travelling far from home it is extremely difficult.
You know almost nothing about places you are going to discover, and often you cannot come back another day if weather conditions are not good enough, so you have to be very lucky and try to do your best to get a good picture.
I was travelling around the United States by car and one of my milestones was to visit Mammoth Lakes area in California. I got in Mammoth Lakes very late in the afternoon after a 400 km roadtrip and I was really longing to get a night shot due to the very clear mountain air (2400 m above sea level) hoping to find the best place to have a beautiful scenario for the Milky Way. That evening only 20 minutes of darkness would have been available to shot the Milky Way since moon would have risen just later (you can hardly see the stars with a full moon), so I had to do my best in this short time.

However, taking pictures of the Milky Way it is not that easy:
- You have to scout a nice location having the south side of the sky free (Milky Way rises on the South)
- The location has to be interesting, hopefully with a good foreground, not just the sky as a background.
- You have to pray for clear sky!
It is very difficult finding such a place if you are in a foreign country in a place you have never been before... and you have to find it before it gets dark!
I was so lucky finding this little lake with a nice south side where the Milky Way standed clear just in between the mountains you can see in the background! To realize this shot I shot two different exposures: one very long exposure low ISO during the blue hour, where you can see some light before is completely dark, and one long exposure at very high ISO in complete darkness where you can see clearly the stars and the Milky Way. I used the first shot for the foreground, and the second shot for the background, I merged the two shots in Photoshop.

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