Stefan Chinof, we can say, is a master of typography. He is an independent artist who loves to experiment with type and does a great job with it. His works features great details, water splashes and great use of color.

Have you always been into art?

I don’t know about the art part, but I was always into changing things my way. A victim of a weird logic I guess, but I think it works for me and hopeful for others.



Does your environment influence your designs? Where do you usually find inspiration?

Of course, the environment is, was and will be the influence for different thinking, making and reacting I think. What you don’t have – you want, what you want makes you curious and that is quite a quality in my book, so to speak.


What’s the difference between typography and type treatments?

The difference … well not really sure actually. One is creating with type and the other is “destroying” type, he he. Typography have rules that I know – and know that I love to break them my way, he he.


What is your work process like in creating them?

Well organized chaos!


What is it about these two (typography and type treatments) that you love?

Type, obviously. A well designed typeface is something I really enjoy exploring, changing and destroying in order to find out how the hell was it done. It’s pretty much like autopsy, you have to dig deeper to find out more and if that doesn’t work …. well if you wanna cook, read a book.


Do you experiment on using other mediums or techniques?

I’m a pretty curious guy and experimenting is quite fun and some times you can hit the jackpot, but mostly is exploring and expanding like a comedian once said “curiosity killed the cat but for while I was a suspect”, hehe.


I found your entry, “Female” very empowering. What’s the story behind this?

Thank you, it is one of my favorites as well.The facts treatment /3d question mark/ was pretty much one my first collision with typography and it turn quite successful . I didn’t have a clue what typography is and were just playing around. Obviously, it became something quite good because I was asked more than a few times to submit to books, journals,blogs and were stolen many times as well.I guess the risk of the trade so to speak.At that time I was looking and browsing a lot of typography and wanted to try something new and a bit informative.I find it quite useful to browse facts like these, even if some of them are true or not.I can imagine it’s not the best way to spend time in the net, but at least it’s quite fun and quite useful, hehe. As for the Female and Inject knowledge project they were personal projects and actually I’m working on a more complete series and hopefully soon will be open for the masses.


What other projects are you planning to work on in the future?

I have some products and would like to develop and more of the inject knowledge projects as well. Also I’m working on font, but have no idea when it will finished. Unfortunately don’t have much time. Time will tell, I guess.


Can you share us your design philosophy?

I think I did with my works or not ? Well I’m just doing what I would like to see and hopefully others will appreciate it. I have my ideas and want to stick to them and see what will hapen. Patience and curiosity will lead the way!


Any message you’d like to give to our readers?

Have fun and trust your ideas, if you suck you can always find job in crowd sourcing sites.

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