Learn how to create your own futuristic portraits with swirling ribbons of light. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create light streaks and other high-tech elements that you can incorporate into your own photos!

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Dynamic Portrait with Flashy Light Effects Photoshop Tutorial


Step 1

Open a new file in Photoshop.It should be 3200 pixels wide by 2100 pixels high.Use 300 dpi for the depth resolution.


Now we are going to set up a basic background for the image.Create a new layer and select the gradient tool (G). Go to the gradient editor and select a gradient that goes from a pure Black color #000000 to a dark gray #202020.


Click on the lower Left part of the canvas and drag the cursor to the top right side to create the gradient.


To eliminate the gradient stops (the lines that appear when the color gradually changes shades on a gradient) we need to add some noise.Go to the menu Filter>Noise>Add noise and use a radius of 1.45% Distribution set to “Uniform” and check the “Monochromatic” option:


Now drag the Starfield stock image to your canvas and resize it to fit.


Set the layer’s blending mode to “Lighten” then go to the Levels menu (Ctrl+L) and apply the next settings to make it a little bit darker so it doesn’t seem too bright.


Step 2

Drag your model or portrait stock image into your document. I’m using an image from Dreamstime because it has nice resolution and goes with the concept of the image. Feel free to use any similar image you like.


Using the pen tool (P) we are going to extract the model form the background of the image. Draw a path very carefully along the edges of the man.Try to be precise and keep as much detail as possible:


Once you have the whole path,right click and transform path into a selection. Use 0 pixels of feather radius:


This is how your image should look like after extraction:


We need to fix the lightning on the model.Go to menu Image>Adjustments>Brightness and Contrast and apply the next settings. (Try experimenting with different values for other results)

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    Wonderful tutorial..Thanks for sharing.

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    u r tutorial very nice but step using wave are not mentioned which can be diffult to ordinary person

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    if you find difficulties with step three, for e.g. i got constant black background behind the lights although i did all the steps, just change layer mode to lighten…

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    Thanx very much

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