Interview with Graphic Designer Osman Taner Küçükgenç

Interview with Graphic Designer Osman Taner Küçükgenç
Osman Taner Küçükgenç is a graphic designer from Istanbul, Turkey. He has been into graphic design for 18 years and has expanded his knowledge on other areas such as illustration, t-shirt design, etching, photography and video art. In this feature, you will be witnessing how phenomenal his works are. Enjoy!

Tell us about your graphic design career. How and when did you choose to be in graphic design? And what are the things you've done that led to where you are today?

The fact is, I've loved painting since I was seven or eight as far as I can remember. That has brought me to the faculty of fine arts. Painting and graphic design were among my choices. Either would have been fine; however, I decided to choose graphic arts due to my way of expression. Throughout the faculty years, grand masters of art history provided guidance. Surrealism caught my attention. The broad range of graphic arts played a role in my preference as it encompasses my areas of interest. Illustration, photography, typography etc...I've carried out freelance work in various industries. I've worked at advertising agencies. I've been working for nearly 18 years. Currently, I'm working full-time at a textile company. I carry on with my personal work in my spare time. I love my profession....In the world, we are surrounded by so many inspiring things that stir up emotions within and encourage us to examine life...I believe this stimulates the imagination in sentimental people who rely on their emotions in their work, like us. Reading about the writings, and understanding and deciphering life helps develop an intellectual style on life...
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Most of your works have a dark atmosphere. They give me goosebumps, in a good way. What's with this type of atmosphere that makes you motivated in completing your works?

My imagination has always been stretched with the subliminal elements in surrealism and with everything that has existed from the past to today and that will exist tomorrow; from dreamy atmospheres to all scary writings, to mythology, to science-fiction, and to the war between the good and the bad. As a result of a synthesis of all these elements, my reactions and style have given rise to a mostly dark atmosphere. Whether humanistic or not, good or bad, if humans lie behind all of the factors, they will have to face their kindness or wickedness, as well as their fears. These creatures and images that burst out from the dark corridors of the subconscious to make their way to the sunlight in fact attempt to tell us something with their rebellious attitude. It may be subtle or open, or just plainly clear right in front of your eyes. You will see it if you slow down...

You feature a lot of animals in your artworks. What do these animals contribute in your artworks? Why?

I love animals; their pureness, survival instincts and harmony with nature. Animals have been ascribed symbolic meanings throughout human history. Animals appear in my work, mostly due to their symbolic meanings.

Have you ever received a recognition of your works from graphic design organizations or other affiliated organizations? And is it important for you to get a recognition, personally and professionally?

I can't exactly say that I have. I mean, not officially. Nevertheless, it's nice to arouse interest from global sites like yours. I believe it is important professionally.

What are some favorite projects that you've completed and why?

Favorite personal works; - SENSEI Strength that reaches simplicity through knowledge, that is powerful, that does not need to prove itself, that lies beneath an obscure look, and that does not strive for dominance.

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