Interview with Designer and Director Anthony Neil Dart

Interview with Designer and Director Anthony Neil Dart

This interview features multi disciplinary designer/director Anthony Neil Dart. His work features mixed media elements presented in a clean aesthetic. Typography is one of his strong suit and is depicted in most of his works. This interview feature will take you through his design journey which surely would serve as an inspiration to everyone.

Can you tell us more about yourself? What were your influences, growing up?

I am a multi disciplinary graphic designer living and working in South Africa. I'm passionate about what I do! Growing up, it was first comic books and graphic novels and then I discovered the work of William Blake. I remember distinctly - that was the moment I knew I loved words and images. It's a love affair which continues to this day. Most designers I know get quite obsessive about things, and I am no different - I love to collect books on art and design, magazines and ephemera.

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