Interview with self-taught Graphic Designer Kunthi

Interview with self-taught Graphic Designer Kunthi
Interview with self-taught Graphic Designer Kunthi

Kunthi is an Architect turned Graphic Designer from India. Coming from a family of artists/performers, he had a knack for arts since he was young. Let's hear his story.

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Kunthi from India. I’m an Architect, self-taught Graphic designer, collage artist and I also paint sometimes. I come from a family of artists and performers, so I had an early interest and exposure to all forms of art. I like to explore my passion as it keeps morphing and changing me as a person day by day. In 2021, I started experimenting with digital collages and I was pleasantly surprised at my curiosity to explore more in it. Every day, my wish is to learn something more or one more technique to express and evolve my art.

Why did you decide to become a Graphic Designer?

I’ve had a habit of archiving aesthetic pictures or art pieces I come across online since many years. Two years ago while online surfing, I came across a very simple collage of different pictures put together to give them a new meaning. I was intrigued to try my own collage art from my own archive I had created. After my first collage on Photoshop, I started exploring more digitally. 

What is your source of inspiration?

I get my inspiration from simple everyday surroundings mixed with my imagination. I love watching the animated movies from Ghibli studios which blend the reality with otherworldly elements. It’s a stimulating feeling to see an art piece which I can relate to from my regular everyday life and yet go into an alternate world of imagination. So, whenever I see a picture that triggers a memory or an emotional response, it inspires me to make my art pieces. During my art blocks, I tend to go back to my art archive from many well-known artists as well as new emerging talented artists and just let myself feel the emotions.

I believe, it’s important to know what you want to express through your art, so learning the techniques and tools to implement it comes with the drive to see the project get finished.

Are there other artists that influence your work?

Gerard Trignac, a French contemporary artist has some great works where he explores the built world. The Japanese painters and woodblock printmakers, Yoshida Hiroshi and Hasui Kawase have made some beautiful and serene artworks portraying landscapes and human settlements, which inspires me to express a similar tranquillity through my works. And like I mentioned before, some of the Ghibli studio movies like ‘Castle in the sky’ ignites my imagination and opens up my mind.

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