Photoshop Disasters: Best of July

Photoshop Disasters: Best of July
See the top 5 Photoshop disasters from Half-off dogs, elongated elbows, pointy arms, and more!

clip_image002 A half pet is better than no pet at all... no wait!

clip_image004 They say the best way for women to fend off attackers is with her elbows, I don't think this model has anything to ever worry about.

clip_image006 I spike you with my spikey hand.

clip_image008 Our tours are so popular we don't have to use cardboard cutout passengers to make our buses look full. Honestly. *Apologies to Crosby Stills and Nash

clip_image010 Cracks are beginning to appear in the Corner Cubby campaign as child actor complains of interdimensional leakage.

To see more atrocities head on over to Photoshop Disasters or you can check out the PSD Facebook page for other images not shown on the website.

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